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The Recipe of Solitude

I embellish my arms with bangles

As thick as two strands of hair.

Their raucous cackles

Suffuse the tepid air.


Air that's fragrant with spices

I add to my copper pots. 

Air whose redolence

Reminds me of what I've lost.


The dough that I mould

Sans a scintilla of strain,

Boasts imprints of my knuckles manifold, 

Knuckles on which those kisses still linger, soft and faint.


As flames gently lick my flatbreads

And simmer my golden-brown curries,

The disdain of my crockery I sense,

Disdain that feels almost like a mockery.


But my cheeks refuse to be heated

By anything that's not the soaring temperature

Of the sizzling food that fed

Bellies I'm worried might now be subjected to hunger.


But there's no reliable way of knowing.

I've heard they're in a better place,

Both the dead and the living.

But who's to say?


Is there any place better

Than my splendid dinner table?

Endowed with teeming pots, plates, pitchers,

My dinner table fed them brimful.


I still glance at the window,

I still take a gander at the door.

No, I'm not alone,

I still lay the table for four.




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Nicola Beckett

Wed 22nd Jul 2020 05:30


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Sun 19th Jul 2020 05:25

Shifa, your vocabulary is amazing. I honestly have to look up several words that you use. You add so much vibrancy to your writings with your intelligent choice of words. I’m getting smarter by reading your poetry. ?

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Shifa Maqba

Mon 15th Jun 2020 18:51

Thank you so much Ghazala, Philipos and Po for your words of kindness and encouragement! It's the valuable input from poets like you that keeps me going. ?✨

<Deleted User> (24803)

Mon 15th Jun 2020 14:17

Deliciously written. Well laid table. Last stanza and last line are just awesome. Girl you got real talent. Keep growing and writing.


Mon 15th Jun 2020 10:51

Quality read - enjoyed. P ?

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