Poems are not for happy days

Poems are not for happy days,

For resolutions and self-promises,

For being tough and unresponsive,

Poems are not for new beginnings.

Poems are searching, searing, morbid,

They turn you in and leave the sun,

Poems seek out your obsessions,

They tickle them, they wrap them in a bow.

Poems are not for going out and doing,

For being your great mechanical self.

Poems prevent you from taking a step.

Poems return you to previous scenes,

Pains and horrors and all things remote.

Poems throw a collar around your neck

And pull and pull till you’re out of breath.

But poems return you to what you’d forgotten,

To who you are, away from the eyes,

Away from the doing, the willing, achieving,

Poems just are, your being, your self.


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Don Matthews

Tue 14th Apr 2020 23:57

I am a little poem
Here to bring right back
What a shitty life you've had
What you've had to hack

I've now changed my direction
Good times you also had
See, I can bring back bad or good
Bring back good or bad....



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Liam Osaneo

Tue 14th Apr 2020 22:31

Nice poem,but I disagree. I don´t feel like poetry prevents you from taking a step or setiing new resolutions. For me it really has been rather helpful with that :.).
But I really felt what you said about it bringing back forgotten memories.

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