I Hate Lying

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I Hate Lying


I hate lying;
it’s a weakness.
It shows a truth;
that others rule me.

If I have to lie;
it’s to avoid pain,
discomfort, and shame.
To make you feel good.

Slaves lie to the boss;
to save their lifeline.
But, to hell with him,
and his profit.

I live my life,
to never lie.
My freedom dies,
under your rules.

If I must lie,
you won’t be near.
I love to be free,
and true to me.

We won’t connect,
cause you judge me.
I’m filthy to you,
so stay far from me.

I will not lie.
You will be gone.
Your rules are yours;
And my rules are mine.

Me and God are fine,
so swallow your stone.
Stick to yours;
and I’ll stick to mine.

Your lies are your chains,
and mine are mine.
I will be free,
from your lies that bind.

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Tue 31st Mar 2020 19:55

I enjoyed reading this Chris, love the use of repetition of rhyme. I look forward to reading more of your work.

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