National Poetry Writing Month 2020

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NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) is a creative writing project held annually in April in which participants attempt to write a poem each day for one month. It coincides with the National Poetry Month in the United States of America and Canada. Usually it would form part of my Texas Tour, but this year due to it being cancelled, I did it as a standalone project, using my time and experiences as a community volunteer and looking at what could have been poems about a missed journey.

Poem a day for April 2020

01.04.20 - 1) Breakfast over, the day's begun
Now get out and see what can be done
As Covid 19 sweeps the land
I'm sure someone'll welcome a helping hand

I had already started volunteering


02.04.20 - 2) I tried an event online last night

It didn’t go as planned, the instructions I didn’t understand

Try as I might, nowt went right

What should be I couldn’t see

I thought no need for dread

So went back downstairs and did a puzzle book instead

Now another day’s begun, I’m out to see what can be done

Back in time for lunch

An’ I’ve enjoyed my breakfast, Nut Juice on a bowl of Strawberry Crunch

Nut juice is actually almond milk and it was said it was called as such because nobody could nut juice and keep a straight face. I couldn’t resist the challenge.


03.04.20 - 3) This is the time of the year I’m usually away

But not so today

I rose with a feeling of sadness in my heart,

Yesterday I should have been taking part

In Austin International Poetry Festival’s opening day

Grand gathering of poets from far and wide sharing their work side by side

Four days of poetry wall to wall, come one poet come all

The great, the famous and the mighty, even a token one from Blighty

Well Yorkshire to be exact an’ that’s a fact

Speakin’ an’ bein’ heard in our love of the spoken word

But this year it was not to be, as we supposed

Covid 19 struck an’ everythin’ was closed

Now time to hit the road for this Yorkshire Lad

Shopping done early an’ breakfast had

Enjoyed nut juice again on the last of my strawberry Crunch an’ tomorrow’ll tell

If it’s equally as good on pecan & maple crunch as well   

03.04.20 - 4) I walked through the pharmacy door soon it was in uproar
I stood on the circle as I was told did they think I'd gone dotty
When I flipped open my mobile
Raised it to my lips and said
"Kirk to Enterprise, beam me up Scotty".

My sense of humour got me through April


04.04.20 – 5)Today would have been a great day in Austin, the longest in fact

For many an open mic, reading and poetry act

All day long and the same when evening came

More of the same, plus Haiku and tea event

Poetry Slam competition enter with good intents

Always a blast despite me nearly always coming last

Then there’s Midnight to Dawn before we head to a welcoming bed

A few hours sleep and soon we’re ready for the afternoon

Usually after a quick lunch once more we’re reciting away on the Festivals final day

But after this morning’s breakfast now I can now tell,

In answer to yesterday’s question, nut juice is equally as good

On pecan and maple crunch as well


05.04.20 - 6) For a while now this is how it’s been, our morning routine

How nice to get up and lay on the settee, Milo asleep on top of me

Letting time pass us by forget the world outside for a while I relax an’ smile

Leave the curtains drawn, close my eyes an’ a blissful yawn

For a while we’ll be stayin’ it’s Sunday an’ we can have a lay in

No shoppin’ to do, not much else too

Milo moves an’ has a stretch is he dreamin’ of playin’ fetch

 Feel myself goin’ back to sleep an’ think why not let myself drift away

Wake up later to face the day, Milo starts to snore

I’m smilin’ once more no alarm to bleep so back to sleep

Later Milo moves decides it’s time for us to rise, I rub the sleep from my eyes  

Open the curtains wide take a look outside,

Look to the sky an’ reflect, In Austin I’d still be recitin’ away

Six hours behind, it won’t be break of day

A noise I turn an’ see Milo back on the settee

Lookin’ cheekily at me I smile thinkin’ time for breakfast I’m not bereft

Gonna have pecan and nut crunch again cos’ I’ve still some nut juice left

Milo is our Boston Terrier and we have a nice morning routine


06.04.20 - 7) Central heatin’ kicks in as if sayin’ no time to be layin’

In bed there’s work to be done, in the bathroom I see drops of rain on the window pane

Sky of grey as I open the curtains at the start of the day

Pavements wet but for now I’m not bothered about the weather

But first me an’ Milo got to spend some time together

We get on the settee caring nothing for the rain, soon we’re asleep again

8:25 he moves as if to say “hey you, look at the time, you got work to do”

I give his fur a ruffle and set out for the shopping and do the *Co-op Shuffle

*The Co-op Shuffle is a term for making payment at The Co-op: Step forward place goods on counter, step back goods are scanned, price called, step forward pay, load and go


8) Shopping done breakfast too mail checked replies sent

Now to join the crew of volunteers and see what we can do

Cos’ of Covid-19 to help out those that can’t get out

An’ I’m thinkin’ in Austin the festival would have been over yesterday

An’ today I’d be away at break of day

Goin’ to give a helpin’ hand to God’s creatures of the air an’ land

Stuck in cages they’d be needin’ helpin’ and feedin’

Now I find, at home I’m helpin’ those of the human kind

Part of my tour was voluntary work at Austin Wildlife Rescue and as said I’m volunteering in Castleford


07.04.20 – 9) Another day at the Centre see what food we’ve got to share
We get a call saying someone’s got nothing to wear;
I’m having visions of them stood bare
They'd been taken to hospital and didn’t have time to pack any spare
Did we have a volunteer who could take some there, we found out where
So I set off as fast as I dare, not driving on a wing and a prayer
Got there, used the lift not the stair, of social distancing well aware
Drop clothing off, back out in the fresh air,
Then back to base with driving one more with care

08.04.20 - 10) They say if you can’t get to open mics there’s no need to be blue

Cos’ Skype and Zoom can bring them to you

Skype and Zoom straight to your living room

Last night at Spoken Word I thought I’d give it a go,  

Mic ok but to show I’d been they helped get on screen

I just did one; I thought it my best bet

It seemed to go okay; I thought “there’s hope for me yet”

I’m not very good with technology and will be glad to get back to live open mics


11) Johnson caught covid-19 but appeared to get well

But hopes of full recovery collapsed when he relapsed

When he went to hospital some thought it karma

As later there he went into intensive care

Some were filled with dread, others hoped him dead

Citing was he one of the those that cheered when they heard

The NHS pay rise had been denied and they would laugh if he died

Whereas there are those who won’t cheer or laugh

But say if he recovers “I hope he realises the true value of our devoted NHS Staff”

Experience firsthand and finally understand

The need of they who ensure care is 24 hours a day

In ambulance, clinic or hospital ward, they need a just reward

Remove the dearth, increase them and pay them what they are worth”

While some said “bless their cotton socks,

The best way to support them is through the ballot box”.

A protest poem about how I thought things were going


09.04.20 - 12) It was on the news another 10 grand for MP’s

Just for working from home, I thought they’re having a laugh

When they can’t provide PPE for frontline NHS staff

So while the Covid – 19 cases rocket someone is lining their pocket

Then there’s the rest, giving their best, key workers and all yet getting nothing at all

Yet all Hancock can say is “Now is not the time to discuss Nurses pay”

They say professional footballers should have a pay cut saying they get more than ample

Shame they don’t say the same about company directors and let them set an example

It’s what we’ve been saying all along,

A Government caught on the hop have got their priorities wrong

That’s all I’ve got to say other than it’s a shame the next election is still four years away

Yet the result could be nothing finer

If they found out those that suffered now, had a memory like a 1980’s striking miner

Someone said that the best way to support the NHS would be through the ballot box so I wrote the above.


10.04.20 - 13) There were those that panic bought while others got nought,

Caring only for themselves while emptying the shelves

Leaving emergency workers crying not for want of trying

Really miffed not able to get anything to eat after a long shift

Trying in vain as the panic buyers and hoarders came again and again

No stopping other customers hopping, seeing the worst

As Supermarkets seemed to put profits first

Then special times for the vulnerable, elderly and Key Workers

Even if it meant having to queue, tough

It seemed at last control had come and saved the day

For some anyway, as it came to hand in another sector it wasn’t going as planned

But in the voluntary sector things were not going as planned,

As it was said greed there was raising its ugly head

There were those that took the mick trying every rotten trick

Saying they were in dire need, yet satisfying their greed

Stacking their own shelves not getting it themselves

When you deliver it’s no joke

When they’re sat on the steps swiggin’ beer an’ havin’ a smoke

Like a useless lump when their house looks like a dump

When you call and find it really hard

Not to lose your temper when they’re partying in the back yard

Tryin’ every trick in the book, really pushin’ their luck

If it’s free they’re first in the queue, pick and choose,

So more money to spend on cigs an’ booze

We’re onto their game; we’ve got their name to share and shame

Let ‘em know we help the needy, not the greedy.

Yes we’ve got the gist, move them to the bottom of the list

An’ make them learn they have to take their turn

A warning to heed there are those in greater need to which we’re givin

They need to know the world doesn’t owe them a livin’

An’ I don’t care if they don’t think it’s great, cos’ others come first so let ‘em wait

Another protest poem about the greedy at both ends of the community, really annoying


11.04.20 - 14) The news showed the beaches clear, people had stopped away,

It seemed like common sense had won the day, let’s hope it stays that way

But I’ve got to nip out to help out those that can’t get out

Not very nice stuck inside on Government advice

So I’m on my way to brighten someone’s day

Let them know somewhere here are those that care

The bloke that makes a joke, an’ stops a while to make them smile

When life seems so rotten, let ‘em know they’ve not been forgotten

Tell ‘em the score about ordinary people once more coming to the fore

Giving of what they’ve got it all counts, be it a little or a lot

Then at the end of this morning’s roam this afternoon at home

My own lockdown an’ I’m gonna sit out back in the sun

And think how nice it is to do nothing an’ rest when it is done


12.04.20 -15) 2020 years ago today Jesus rose on the third day

Some said to give us hope, to help us cope throughout our life in times of strife

It’s also time to get away for a short holiday

But not this year as we live in fear of something unseen

Which put every city village or town in a state of lockdown

Tomorrow the lockdown’s first stage will have ended

It looks like it’s going to be extended

No surprise as the numbers rise the dying and the newly infected

Could it be blamed on those who chose to roam

Not heeding the advice to stay at home

Will we ever get to know, but for now I could do some prayin’

An’ be thankful I’ve a home to stay in

Counting my blessings


13.04.20 - 16) Easter Day gone the week carries on still under lock down quiet in the town

Got to do some work behind the scenes, food coming in no time for slacking,

It’s going to need unloading ready for packing

So now that’s done home I run, no time for play, got to do my poem for today

Then facebook to put it on, and as for tomorrow, bring it on.


14.04.20 - 17) A group said more space was needed, their request was heeded

We had space to share, we had a room spare.

They moved in yesterday and now it’s today

Easter holidays gone and life carries on, helping the needy trying to weed out the greedy

No time to tarry, lift, fetch, carry, no time for slacking get packing

Load then out on the road, getting it out to those that can’t get out

Once its done home I run, maybe sit in the sun

Let my mind wander and compose away, my poem for today


15.04.20 - 18) Shopping done once more, I’m thinking about my next poetry score

Thinking away at what I can compose for April’s A Poem a day

So to the centre I head thinkin’ but for covid-19 I’d still be in bed

Not my own today, but another over 4,800 miles away

Cos’ it comes to mind I’d be six hours behind

Blissfully sleepin’ away before the start of another Austin day

An’ over here when it’s lunch hour, over there I’d be headin’ for the shower

But first get to it, whatever’s to be done go do it

Then it’s done without a doubt, people grateful for being helped out

It seems like these little battles we’re winning

An’ I’m drivin’ home for lunch thinkin’ over in Austin my day would just be beginin’

Another poem reflecting on what should have been but wasn’t


16.04.20 - 19) Project just over halfway and I’m still composin’ away a poem a day

On the lookout for something to write about

And today was quieter than expected

A few regular parcels out and some prescriptions to be collected

It may not become the norm, it could be the calm before the storm

So I set out but not before a call comes in and there’s some more

They’re collected and delivered, no more to be done

Time for an afternoon in the sun

For it’s said, “in readiness for a spate they also serve who stand and wait

Ready to answer the call,

And it’s better to wait and be willing than have done nothing at all”.


17.04.20 - 20) With all the carrots we had got they didn’t go to rot

We’d plenty spare the donkeys at a local sanctuary got a share

Proving in times of strife and needs mount, even God’s creatures count

As folk found when they had a look as the news was shared on facebook

But there was no time to lurk as soon it was time to work

Shopping to be done prescriptions collected

Food to be packed and taken to where it’s expected

When it’s done home we run catch up on the latest news and views

Who they’re praising for their fundraising

Others asking for money spare fiver or a few bob do the Governments job

Saying the government doesn’t give a chuff they’re not doing enough

Saying they’re too late the NHS in a state

Speaking out about PPE, NHS staff and others are going with out

Rising to the test giving of their best some their all, how many more must fall?

Hopefully they’ll have the action to back up what they say

Come the next election day

Two sides to this poem action and talk, will the talk become action at voting time?


18.04.20 - 21) In Ponte a street artist they’ve got, Banksy it’s not

Done at break of day on pub walls landlords say it’s ok

Murals paying tribute to our under paid under staffed ill equipped out NHS

Working without fear, making the best of a Governmental Pigs Ear

And a special mural to Captain Tom who has been praised

For the £20,000,000 plus he’s raised

But for him no one could refute the greatest tribute

Would be if the Government were to heed

A request to spend it in areas of need

But once again what’s the bettin’

It’ll lay dormant while Hancock waffles on like a cretin

Again a tribute to ordinary people doing as some see, the Governments job


19.04.20 - 22) We were snoozin’ on the settee Milo and me

No need to rush enjoy the morning hush

Everything’s up to speed ever one for now has what they need

Nothing yet to get up for, so we decided to snooze some more

Then time to get up open the curtain to look out on the town, still in lockdown

And think of what would have been had it not been for Covid-19

My 10th Texas tour open mics, animal rescue an’ more

Austin and Lamesa Festivals would have been done

An’ I’d be leavin’ before the rising sun

Memories abound as once more I’d have been southward bound

To Kerrville, taking my time and capturing it all in rhyme

Driving out of the gloom along lanes with blue and yellow flowers in bloom

A choice of two routes to take through Big Spring or Big Lake

Big Spring I’ve been through before and so know the score

So it could have been my intent to go via Big Lake, somewhere different

Along the way find somewhere to stay,

Somewhere I’ve never seen and will be able to say I’ve been

With photos to show I went where I wanted to go

Then at my motel in Kerrville it would have be amazing

If at the end of the day to watch once more the deer grazing 

But sadly I’m still stuck here, ah, well hopefully next year


23) Mails and posts done, an online event at half past one

Not all doom, open mic in Lamesa via zoom

There’ll be plenty of talkin’ but now time for walkin’

With Milo an’ family just gonna tag along

Walk by the riverside, haven’t been there since Louie died

So many memories of the times we had, found it all too sad

Since the day he was taken away

But watching Milo running free I was pleased, and the sadness eased

In the morning sun like a healing had begun

An’ we’re not really apart cos’ he lives forever in my heart

Louie was our first Boston Terrier who passed away on 19 Nov 2015, 15 months to the day he was born and for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to go where we used to until this day with Milo


24) Sadly at half past one, the Lamesa event didn’t get done

Something wrong call it fate, so they’ve got to change the date

They can let me know it’ll start so hopefully I can take part

An’ they don’t seem to mind the fact that they’re 6 hours behind

The main thing is they keep the bond, unique to poets on both sides of the pond

And in the main, The Road Poet is seen and heard in Lamesa again


20.04.20 - 25) Once again morning comes creeping me an’ Milo on the settee sleeping

Use the time to let my mind wander hoping for inspiration asunder

For what I may find to write about today for my poem a day

And if I think too deep I drift back off to sleep

But all too soon its rise get the shopping done, breakfast and away I run

Inspiration dragging, no time for lagging

Hopefully when I’m out, there’ll be inspiration for something to write about

So it’s to the centre for something to do but its quiet there too

So I check my mails and there’s one to say what happened yesterday

So now everything’s cool they’re gonna reschedule

Another day, possibly 3rd Sunday in May

No need to be blue something to look forward to

So now to face the day ahead and hopefully to my delight

I’ll find something to write by tonight


26) I’d done a poem for today was about to post it before my evening meal

It had been quiet with only one collection in the afternoon

But it seems I’d spoken too soon

When a message went down asking if anyone in town

Could scurry and pick up a prescription in a hurry

So name and address were sent and away I went

Collected and delivered and so back for tea

I’m thinking as I’m driving home taking it steady

Just like in the fire brigade was at times, quiet till you get a meal ready 


21.04.20 - 27) I look out the window at break of day,

Once again my thoughts are miles away

Of what would have been my journey of yesterday setting off before the sun was risin’

Headin’ for a Southward horizon

But drivin with care watchin’ for the animals there

Cos; I know how I’d feel if one ended up under my wheel

In San Antonio there’d have been a lull, rush hour and roads full

Take it steady patience is a virtue then I’d be through

Along I 37 to 281 a few more hours an’ then I’d be done

An’ this mornin’ I’d be in McAllen as my tour nears its end

An’ having breakfast at the home of a friend

Mario at work, me and Clark talkin’, then after I’d be takin’ Ivy walkin’

Then out and do what we need to do, sightseeing or takin’ it easy

Or time affordin’ something more rewardin’

Helpin’ out at an immigrant center, or with Clark as an English language mentor

An’ to great delight celebrate Mario’s “official” birthday when he got home at night

Cos’ for a while now it’s been on the same day as Our Gracious Queen

But this year both can’t celebrate what would have been, thanks to Covid – 19

So I leave the window an’ head, down town for the shoppin’ before the day ahead


28) Shoppin’ done an’ breakfast had, now go lend a hand in this time of need

Families to feed, more and more on the list

Hoping not to be missed, will I have time to continue my rhyme?

Happening elsewhere too, self isolation sweeping the nation

Covid-19 continues to take hold, affecting the old

The vulnerable, those with underlying conditions

All benefit from our missions

Got stuff coming in needing packing, volunteers we’re not lacking

So now time to go and make sure, all needs are catered for

Sort out the needy from the greedy, with good intent

To make sure the food goes to where it’s meant

Another poem written in anger about scroungers trying to get more


22.04.20 - 29) Days work done once more, ordinary people coming to the fore

Not taking but giving of what they’ve got, be it a little or a lot

Giving of their time to support, giving your all

But still there are those trying it on, enough to drive you up the wall

Such as expecting to be met but the clients not there he’s spent the night elsewhere

Others saying social isolation they’re out visiting a relation

Those that get more than their fair share,

You deliver and find the supermarket vans just been there

 Think they’re clever and not fussed but we’ve got their kind sussed

As bad as those panic buying leaving NHS staff with nothing and crying

But in the end they’ll lose, and have less to spend on cigs and booze

We know their name and their greedy game

Those who it’s great, to scrounge then tell a mate

Not thinking of the reputation it gives to their estate

Because now every application gets a deferral, to Social Services for a referral

We’ll have the last laugh, sorting the wheat from the chaff

When they find the food they need is still on the supermarket shelves

They’ll have to get off their butts, queue and get it themselves

Hopefully Karma coming to the scroungers


23.04.20 - 30) Last night’s online event didn’t go as expected, left me feeling dejected

Logged on seen by everyone there, ready to go on air

With inspiration inspired but the audio left much to be desired

Couldn’t tell what people were sayin’ seems it wasn’t playin’

So didn’t lurk, tried relocation but that didn’t work

So I didn’t get to do my rhyme but maybe another time

For now it’s do what I gotta do, get the shopping an’ I’m in the queue

Hopin’ not to be too long, an’ on the store radio comes a familiar style song

Close my eyes and in my mind I find I’m making my way down another Texas Highway

Could be goin’ to another town to see what’s goin’ down

Or somewhere new so I can see, what’s there an’ have some time for me

Then I’m called an’ it’s back to earth pay what my shoppin’ is worth

An’ it’s not open to debate; I sure am missin’ my friends in the Lone Star State


24.04.20 - 31) There was an event in The Rio Grande Valley yesterday
Some students and teachers had, online poetry from The Yorkshire Lad
Arranged by his dear friend Nianna so he had to watch his manner
Which couldn’t be refuted when the mic’s were muted
Video off relying on his speaking he began with his talk about Cas’
From Roman times to the industrial revolution
Producing coal, pottery and glass
Then he taught the differences in a similar sport
American Football and Rugby League, each a different game
But the aims and intentions the same
Then came the time to share his rhyme, content no object,
Poems on many a subject
Where and how he got his inspiration, how it was found wherever he was bound
Then came a request asking how to give their best,
So he gave vent on how to read with powerful intent
Saying poetry was a language of its own that could chill to the bone
Play its part in cheering up a saddened heart
Like as such in so few words say so much never at a loss to the get a message across
Quoting from his time on the road
On how people have said to him Poets can say so much with a short ode
And that it could be that poets see themselves as one big family
They may live far apart but are always in each other’s heart
Then a student took the lead and decided to read
Read his score The Yorkshire Lad encouraged him to write some more
He thought it was great when
One of the students brought her cat for him to see
And sat with it on her knee
Then the clock did tell it was time to bid farewell
One thing was clear, they all hoped to meet up in The Valley next year
And The Yorkshire Lad will yearn, once more to return


32) Another day done, at times a busy one

But some moments of fun when things go wrong

When delivering I passed the house and had to turn round

Did so was making my way back when I heard a crack

A man came out and began to gripe “he’s run over my hosepipe”

Loud and clear so all the street could hear

Children stopping their playing to hear what he was saying

He said “I don’t believe it” I replied “the road is a daft place to leave it”

He began to swear even though women were there

I thought if he wants to argue I’m not gonna do it, so drove off and left him to it

This is happened and it was a daft place to leave a hose pipe when not in use.


25.04.20 - 33) It’s cool an’ grey an’ I’m away, do a collection on the way

From people who know the score having donated before

I can see it’s outside on a table waitin’ for me

Couldn’t be better social distancing being carried out to the letter

It’s collected, and what I do, is leave a note sayin’ “thank you”

Soon it’s sorted more bags packed car loaded, ready to go

Feel like givin’ a John Wayne “Yo”

I’m away but brain must have been still in slumber

One house I called at as the wrong number

Not thwarted soon sorted quick phone call I’m back on the ball  

Delivered then back for more then, once more

I’m on my way the last deliveries of the day

 Radio on an’ I’m drivin’ along and on comes a song

Once again a song in a familiar style an’ I find images conjured in my mind

More an’ more it’s the type of song I would be listenin’ to if I had been on tour

Really movin’ about goin back in time

I would have normally pulled over and composed a rhyme

Still may do yet if anyone wants to bet

Then its job done and back home; will think about a rhyme

But for now it’s enjoy some me time


26.04 - 34) Curtains opened no sign of the sun, it’s Sunday and no shopping to be done

So down stairs no time to lose me an’ Milo can have our snooze

I go down he’s waitin’ on the rug we greet an’ he gets a hug

Then let mornin’ come creepin’ we’re on the sofa an’ he’s soon sleepin’

An’ I elect to let my mind reflect on last night when for once things went right

Yes mighty fine an event in McAllen, Texas online

An’ Daniel makes my day when he asks me to say how things are in the UK

That’s done we get the workshop begun

Music inspired poetry something well known to me

Music uplifting me when I’m tired and with verse I’m inspired

Then the host asked us to write down which music inspired us the most

We did and to my delight she said play some of it and write

Cos’ with yesterday poem a day I was stuck when the music played I was in luck

Back on track, the inspiration came back

No longer smitten I was able to recite what I’d written

An’ able to find it and play an extract from the music behind it

An went on to tell it was Canon in D Major by Pachelbel

To my delight it went alright enjoyed by all I could tell then it was farewell

Looking forward with intent to a later event

Time affording I’d be able to watch cos’ every contribution was a recording

Milo begins to stir, a gentle stroke not in vain he’s soon asleep again

Soon so am I till he comes alive an decides it’s time to get up at 8:35


35) Soon it’s breakfast over, e mails done so a family walk in the sun

Watch the little man run, I’m thinkin’

How nice to get away out of the house for part of the day

Then it’s back to compose some more, another score

Lookin’ on facebook an’ I see to my delight a 6 month old baby won her coronavirus fight

Allaying fears, article said nurses in tears an’ I know it meant

Tears of Joy at their achievement,

Cos’ it was thought she would not survive much longer

But she was kept alive eventually proving the stronger

And I knew in the end when we win through so many would owe

So much to the underpaid, understaffed, undervalued, overworked few

An’ put it on facebook for all to see, an’ some who did agreed with me

Then a video of a deer frolicking, enjoying itself in the surf on an isolated seashore

Like a child seeing the sea for the first time and so wrote the following rhyme

“Running free by the sea, a deer frolicked on the sea shore

Later the humans returned and it was seen no more

Which made me feel blue cos’ it would probably be true

Then a request at someone’s behest

Can I record and send a poem I wrote, it was a score

About workin’ with a guy who’s with us no more

It was done an sent off it went hopefully later I’ll be able to watch it and see

Myself in action but for now, it’s time for tea

It was a really nice Sunday a nice walk and some good news.


27.04.20 - 36) Volunteerin’ done for today, and I’m sat thinkin’ about Texas

Reflectin’ on what could have been how it would have gone alright

A day of rest with friends yesterday and supper at Mario’s mums last night

We’d have had a ball, a good time had by all

This morning over breakfast me an’ Clark would talk

About how great it’s been an’ I’d have taken Ivy for one last walk

Mind in a whirl as I have to say goodbye to my favourite canine girl

Later the flag taken down to say The English Poet is no longer here

But we’ll look forward to putting it up again next year

Then it would be time to depart once more with heavy heart

And once more I’d be found, Northward bound

Mind poundin’ with memories aboundin’ of Audiences smitten

When I’d have recited the many poems I’d have written

A long drive I’d got, maybe listen to the radio maybe not

Austin and before today’s drive ends time to look in on friends

Tell them how great it’s been on the Texas Poetry Scene

At the end of the day ring my friends in the Valley and say “I’m okay”

Then settle down for the night and a good night’s sleep before tomorrow’s flight.


28.04.20 - 37) I rise to face the day but my thoughts are miles away

To the East beyond the streets to across the pond

The dawn would slowly be creepin’ but I would still be sleepin’

Where I would have been if it weren’t for Covid-19

An’ later I would rise an’ make my way, to the Airport for departure day

Call for breakfast drop the car off an’ if all goes fine, book in for half past nine

Through customs find departure gate then wait

12:35 an’ I’d be away the first leg of my flight home via New York’s JFK

But it was not to be, no such luck, back in England I’ve been stuck

But I count my blessings I’m still here and pray for a return next year

Now to get ready to go and see, what I can do for those worse off than me

38) We were asked “Cucumbers do you want any”.

We said “yes please” but ended up with too many

So many left but not bereft leave it to me

So I took them round the town

Saying to the people “come and see, cucumbers for free”

They asked “what’s the catch?” I said “there isn’t one but don’t snatch”

They laughed when with humour I exuded,

Saying “the cucumbers are free but batteries aren’t included”

A bit of poetic licence here the ending is based on a comment made when we delivered some cucumbers, to a supported living complex.  


29.04.20 - 39) Its 7 am I’m upstairs and I find, I’m thinking of a landing of a different kind

I’d have been homeward bound and a change in engine sound

Downwards we’d go, Manchester Airport below

Back to a colder clime, now back on British Summer Time

Land at 7:15; customs to clear, then get my gear

Get to the station to let the train take the strain

Picturing the scene reminiscing about what should have been but stopped by Covid-19

Laid on the settee with Milo asleep oblivious to it all, me thinking I’d have had a ball

Later leaving to do the shopping I look to the West and think

I may now have been on the train as it speeds East towards Leeds

But this I can’t dwell upon as time moves on, I can’t be blue, I have things to do

A prescription to collect and a donation all to help people in social isolation

Then three deliveries to take and a shopping trip to make

During which I pass the railway station and can’t help but think

If all had gone well I could be there now arriving in Castleford at the end of my roam

Thinking how good it would have been, another feeling of coming home

The above poem took some writing the poem below is how I managed to finished it and the inspiration was still there so I carried on writing the result was Poem 40


40) Well now it’s nearing night and the tv’s playin’ nowt but shite

An’ I’ve still a poem to do for today but I’m knowin’ it’s been hard goin’

Part completed where’s my inspiration gone I’m feeling defeated

Thought shall I have a snooze on my bed then thought I’ll listen to Pachelbel instead

On mp3, versions of his Canon in D, all 10, it starts and it’s then

My mind begins to clear, I stop feeling drear,

Emotions stirring, brain whirring fingers start flying with ease over the keys

My fave classic piece of all time providing inspiration for my rhyme

Now I’m really goin’ can feel my tears flowin’ so it’s go let them flow

Concert, Instrumental Piano, Guitar an’ flute that’s five

An’ things really start to come alive I’m lovin’ how they’re soundin’

An’ I’m givin’ the keys a poundin’

With the rhythm almost making my own music with ‘em

Then comes Flamenco, Violin, Orgel, trumpet an’ Weddin’

As to the end of my poem I’m headin’ head spinnin’ but I’m winnin’

After this line another one an’ then I’m done

Now I’ve finished writin’ it I can’t wait till the day I’ll be on stage recitin’ it


30.04.20 - 41) Today would have been my first full day, at home

After my annual poetry roam

Puttin’ my photos online so it could be seen where I’d been

What I’d done come rain or sun, the audiences I’d delighted when I recited

The roads I’d travelled down goin’ from town to town

Havin’ a ball or just gettin’ away from it all; an’ the rest, Texas at its Spring best

An’ the people I’d met at the time sharin’ our verse an’ rhyme

Then it’s a bit of a slog, gettin’ all the poems onto my blog

But in the main I’m reliving the tour again

But this year it did not come to pass I was stuck at home in Cas’

Like most of the outside world our town in lockdown

But there is some small delight in still being able to write

About the state of the nation an’ bein’ able to help those in self isolation

And tarry a while, chat, share a joke and make them smile

Thinkin’ job well done an’ away you run

An’ I’m thinkin’ “when we get the all clear, I hope I can start plannin’ for Texas next year


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