Waiting In Line


I went to the grocery storet at 6am, but found out other people had the same idea.

There was a line out in front of the building with people waiting to get in.

The store now opens at 7am, because of the Virus.

People in line maintained the 3 foot rule, keeping their appropriate distance.

We waited and waited.  More people came.  One by one, they joined the line.

The line now stretched all the way to the end of the building.  Then another line formed on the other side of the door, so you had converging lines of people, all waiting for the signal to enter.

There was no policeman or security to manage the line.  Some people cheated, but for the most part, people were polite and followed the protocol.

Of course most were on their cell phones, trying to kill time. Some cars pulled in but then kept going when they saw the long lines. They did not want to wait.   Some elderly folks hobbled up to the door only to find out the store was still closed.  They did not know what to do.  There was no exception for the handicapped.


I waited for close to an hour and then finally the doors opened and the scramble was on.

People flew by me as they rushed the door.   With my arthritic knees and bad back, I could not keep

up with the rushing crowd.  Then a kind lady came up from behind me and offered me her shopping cart.  I was amazed, but so grateful.I accepted the cart with relief because my back was hurting and it gave me something to hang on to.I thanked her for her kindness.  It's that kind of thing that restores your faith in humanity. Like a guardian angel she appeared out of the blue.  I never got her name.


Then at the barber shop today the girl who cut my hair took my jacket and hung it up for me.

After the haircut, she retrieved it for me and proceeded to hold it up so that I could easily slip

my arms into the sleeves.  How rare is that?  She also helped me with the card reader because I was having trouble with it, trying to make it process.   She too was so kind and considerate.

A 19th month-old baby at home with her aging parents, she was a hard-working mom who took the time to help an old man.  How nice was that?


These aren't big events, hardly noteworthy in the big picture of our mad mad world, and yet...

these small acts of kindness show the innate goodness of people.  There are still some left.

No, there are Many left.  We just don't hear about them. 


I wrote this just to let you know they are still out there.

There are still good people left in this old world.

Let's hope the evil Virus brings forth more goodness into our world. More small acts of kindness.

It's our chance to become a better people.


Let us all practice goodness. There is no better feeling than helping another in need.

Try it, for goodness sake.


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M.C. Newberry

Sat 21st Mar 2020 15:56

Topical, timely and true.


Sat 21st Mar 2020 11:27

If we are human,it's okay to have
non-essential contact with others.

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