Boys & Bikes


Boys on bikes

learning to ride

gaining confidence

with each push of the pedal


the bike is a boy's

first taste of freedom

his first sense of growing up


he becomes strong and confidant

ready to explore

ready to take on challenges

racing down a hill

or riding with no hands


a bike takes him places

he has not been before

experiences multiply

as he learns the ropes of riding

of being on his own

babyhood falls off

a stronger boy emerges


places he could not go

are now within range

just a bike ride away

each turn of the wheel

loosens mother's strings

now he can go out into the world

on his own and make decisions


a bike

is a boy's first vehicle

into the wide wide world

as he learns to balance

between caution and daring

right or wrong


a boy's first set of wheels

a love affair that continues into adulthood

a bike will make a boy

into a man.



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Fri 20th Mar 2020 13:03

True for many, I'm sure.

I loved this: "each turn of the wheel / loosens mothers strings"

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Fri 20th Mar 2020 11:23

How true d.

Great memory jogger, thanks

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