When Things Were Nicer


It was so much nicer then

when the folks were alive

and the family was large

and growing


there were children among us

the promise of youth

so many dreams to dream


we went to weddings

and reunions and

baptisms and funerals

all occasions to acknowledge family

our closeness to aunts and uncles

all our cousins and kin

gathered together in support

in good times and bad

always good will


things were so much nicer when

there was so much hope

and love to be spread around

we stood in the shadows of giants

those who had the history of us

in their veins


there was that sense of stability

wrapped in the arms of family

supporting each other

anchored by our elders

who showed us the way


all that is missing now

our elders passed away

one by one

and with them went

the unity of the family

the commonality we once knew


memories flicker like candles

half lights of how it used to be

and in their fading light

we catch glimpses of the past

when kinship was our strength

and things were so much nicer.


◄ Always Hope



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M.C. Newberry

Mon 16th Mar 2020 17:05

Much truth in these lines. But we must all take our turn in this life and
later years place the mantle of "the elders" upon our shoulders - with
the duty to show the way forward - even more important when there
is a loss of confidence and courage abroad (using the word in its
general wider sense).

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