Always Hope


Winter is cruel

a mean menace

that turns beautiful green

into dismal black

making ugly corpses

out of living things


trees lose their leaves

become drab skeletons

flowers wilt and die

stalks become brittle and

all that is left is

the bleakness of winter


but Spring

brings new life

inching out from hardened ground

sprouts of life return

to seek the warmth of sun and light

miracles emerge from limb or soil

unfold before our very eyes


the pulse of life returns

resurrected from the death of winter

by warming of the soil

the gentleness of Spring rain

we bear witness to new birth

to these children of the earth


human souls too

are warmed and invigorated

by the annual observance

we watch in awe as life renews

so grand in scale

so great in glory


reminding us all things survive

that there is always hope.



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keith jeffries

Sat 14th Mar 2020 13:43


You are really beginning to excel yourself as this poem is one of your best. Well done.


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