Misguided Madness Calls For The Quirkiest Measures

take a long          loud            breath 

we have always been each other, a piece
apart yet
somehow inseperate       Love the bubbling aether
Spring unbound          the dome
of suffering beneath our
mutual hallucination of this
(long            loud           breath)
a line has pierced
the circle once and for us

a queue of hearts meant to march for
justice: misguided madness calls for the quirkiest measures
there is only calm if you let it
Remembrance, joy, Reversion
to an age before paper, pyramids
and chains     our clarity
is up to us
and always has been,
our peace
mined from dark days’ caves God’s great Light

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kealan coady

Mon 16th Mar 2020 18:37

Thanks Keith, I appreciate that man

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keith jeffries

Fri 13th Mar 2020 20:26

Incomparable. "mined from dark day's caves God's great Light". Wow


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