Cat Struck

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A truck struck a cat the other day and the bloody lump
of marmalade lay alive, one eye twitching, for hours.

This was at about 3 in the dark and nobody noticed though
many were stricken by nightmares of lights and horns.

In the morning the brains were side-stepped, guts jumped over
like puddles of meat, the corpse hopscotched.

The most concerned shook their heads but dead cats are bad for business; an environmental officer was called. 

He showed up with a basket of chaff, a Hermetically-Sealed bag and
a shovel.

Sometimes poetry just isn’t enough. 

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jennifer Malden

Sat 7th Mar 2020 20:01

Ugh! Very unpleasantly descriptive. I saw a cat once on the motorway that had been hit the first time and was just waiting............ I did stop to see if I could get it, but it was either him or me, so........ I've always felt sligjhtly ashamed of this.


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