The Natural Habitat of the Cube-Eating SkyFish

The Natural Habitat of the Cube-Eating SkyFish

the great gold well in the sky
burns an arc, a curve across 
the fallen sea

the tide above 
misdescribed as
space, empty or there 

at all

a relic of two stars and a time
before the myths were co-opted 
and the beasts above were among us
and the beasts below were among us

in that time the truth of time itself
was known, that time had been deployed 
as biological warfare, a virus that decays
and all from that wandering spark that roars 
reality as we know it, that demented 
ruler of cubes with swirling antennae 
and hexagonal dials

but just as Jove gave way to Cronos
from the depths of the great gold well in the sky
an ancient fish broke the surface 
eating time and space, devouring 
out of love
an entire civilization
absorbing the cosmic fractals 
dissolving the deficiency 
of matter but its never 
once and for all
it’s always 
All for once 



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jennifer Malden

Sat 21st Mar 2020 11:46

Liked this one yet again - like the sound and combination of the words. Fractal is quite new to me, (had to look it up). It's about the end of the world as we knew it, I think? A lot of original and beautiful language, needs to be read several times.


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