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New to sharing, usually just read and delete whatever I've written. Outside of my comfort zone but practicing. First shared something on twitter ... had some good feedback. Thought this would be a better place to start and get more feedback. Be gentle until I toughen up a bit. My stuff tends to be political during these dark times.


Relevance While many of us slept You made a joke And then you acted upon it You were in shock and awe when elected You thought you were relevant They elected a reality show caricature, a meme. A punch in the face to a country to have the audacity to elect a black president twice That ideal was relevant You chose your advisers carefully Haters of free speech, equality, the law Haters of immigrants, people of color You support their policies, you have none of your own Which is why you are not relevant You wanted them to kneel before you Or at least against you But this fight started long before & will outlast you They kneel despite you Because you are not relevant You wanted the admiration of powerful men They met with the meme for their validation You met with them for your validation Agreements were not honored Even they know you, the man, is not relevant The pendulum that is American politics will swing back Maybe a little closer to center The laws & orders you've passed will be overturned Minorities in high office will become the norm Because America, and what we stand for, is relevant You will go down in history, thinking you were relevant Eventually, there will be those who never knew of you Those who simply forgot you Those who will deny you ever existed But you are just the puppet that will never be relevant

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Tue 4th Sep 2018 18:55

Thank you for all your warm welcomes and comments. So nice to be part of this great community!

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Darren J Beaney

Tue 4th Sep 2018 09:08

Hi Mac

just a quick line to say thanks for reading and commenting so positively on my poems.

Most appreciated!



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Mon 3rd Sep 2018 20:55

Dear Mac,

Welcome to WOL!!! Thank you so much for reading, commenting on and liking some of my poems!!! I appreciate it greatly.

Thank you !!! Xxx

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Taylor Crowshaw

Thu 30th Aug 2018 14:27

Hi Mac, Welcome to WOL.....I enjoyed your sample. I found it powerful and effective. Great to hear your voice can't wait to read more of your work. Off to read...Get Out...I will leave comment...😃

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Becky Who

Tue 28th Aug 2018 21:14

Hi, thanks for liking and commenting "When I get mad I write poetry". Welcome to Write Out Loud, I really like the sample (ditto the line Big Sal quoted - right now I think that could be applied to a few of the Brexiting con artists in the UK too).

Looking forward to reading more of your poems, take care

Becky xx

Big Sal

Tue 28th Aug 2018 17:09

"You will go down in history thinking you were relevant."

Loved the sample. Political poetry is definitely my bag. And you are right, this is a much better site than Twitter to get poetry feedback! Especially considering Captain Orange Dip$%!t uses Twitter daily so. . . Why use Twitter unless it's to get banned by Trump and fake relevance?

Just kidding mind you.

Here too you can get honest feedback pertaining to your poetry and not just political beliefs and such.
Welcome to Write Out Loud, enjoy your stay, and keep the gems up.👍

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