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Kieren King

Updated: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 03:09 pm

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Kieren King is the 2012 champion of The Bilston Love Poetry Slam. A member of Working Verse with Dave Viney & Benny-Jo Zahl, he's acted in Amateur Thematics at The Lowry (2012) and is currently working on Working Verse's first collection of verse. Kieren King is a heathen and an anarchist and must be approached with caution at all times. Tickling him behind the ear has been proven to soothe him.


Whatever Happened To The Heroes? In seventy-seven The Stranglers asked Whatever happened to the heroes? At the same time Robert Di Niro was Asking “You talkin’ to me”? Then punk kicked off and it’s attitude reflected The disaffected, the rejected, the disrespected Who wanted the freedom to choose to do What they want to do when they want to do it When that freedom of choice found it’s voice You couldn’t ignore it but then rebellion became A target market. Fast forward to today Whatever happened to the heroes? Johnny Rotten seems to have forgotten He was once the clown prince of punk And since he’s sunk in my estimation Straight to the gutter nowt better to do Than advertising butter. Nevermind the Bollocks Whatever happened to the heroes? Well Joe Strummer’s dead, Tony Wilson’s dead Joey Ramone’s dead, Kurt Vonnegut’s dead So it goes, there’s no more heroes except A punk in attitude only standing lonely Leonard Cohen’s still going but who’ll Replace him that won’t sink but swim For me the outlook’s looking grim Now I’ve got my own mind I don’t need anyone to follow And I’d like a John Lydon But I’m just stuck with Bono ............................................... Iago You can’t buy my forgiveness but if you but me a pint I’ll drink it Sink it wink and smile at your backhanded compliments and snide remarks You’re oblivious to the fact that you’re swimming with sharks And we could step outside, clench fists and go but we both know I’m no good when it comes to blows But it’s got me thinking Got me thinking about Shakespeare. Got me thinking about Othello Got me thinking maybe Iago really wasn’t that bad a fellow Got me thinking maybe his motives weren’t about race But a two-faced mate forgot his place is by your side not looking down And we’ve already gone too far to turn this thing around And what is he then that calls me villain You think you’re so clever however you’re not. You think that you’re smart I think you’ve forgot I hold all the secrets that you gave me to keep I don’t even have to lie about where you lie When husbands aren’t in town And your girlfriends not around I’ll have my fun When Desdemona finds out what you’ve gone and done I can’t wait to see your face And you may call me your Iago And I won’t feel any shame When you count the cost Of all you’ve lost You only have yourself to blame ............................................... Fancy Seeing You Here I'm bored of these parties Everyone dresses the same Something's rotten in Primark Amidst this sea of Fake tan glowing Bleach blonde flowing Dark roots showing Clones Women like you Are rare as snow in June And you never melted When I touched you Or called your name I loved that about you Yet I always knew I'd never be The man you said you saw in me You're here With a new guy A guy that drives you... Mild Average height Average weight Average looks I've got nothing bad to say about him I've got nothing good to say about him He's a void Devoid of personality But he's got a career He's secure and oh so mature He can't make you laugh like I can And he doesn't make you cry like I can I never really tried to be The man you said you saw in me This ship was sinking With a helpful sprinkling Of thoughtless thinking I've grown up but you've moved on Dinner parties minus a plus one Feeling like an amputee With an itch where my leg used to be Now and then I glimpse and see The man you said you saw in me Now I believe that I can be The man you said you saw in me But to you I'm crying wolf You've heard all this before And you won't save me Not anymore

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Steve OConnor

Tue 4th Oct 2011 15:49

Hiya Kieren... A long time ago, when God or Bog was but a lad, you performed Whatever Happened To The Heroes at some night called Freed Up.

Time has passed and even though I've seen and talked with you a few times since then, I've never commented upon one particular aspect of this poem that blew my mind.

In fact, you could say that commenting upon it now is more than a little odd and awkward. Why haven't I commented? What prevented me? Surely that horse has not only bolted, but bolted some time ago straight to the Pedigree Chum factory and into the guts of several dogs to be shat out onto indifferent pavements?...

And you'd be right.

Anyway... Kurt Vonnegut is punk. Fuck me, that is an amazing idea. And of course he is! Very cool and very intertextual of you. Well done. I like it when a poem makes the reader go "of course".

Grand stuff.


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Jeff Dawson

Sun 7th Aug 2011 16:16

Hi Kieren, great to see you on WOL, love 'Whatever happened to the heroes' you perform it well! cheers Jeff

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Kieren King

Thu 7th Jul 2011 13:56

Cheers Zach!

<Deleted User> (7075)

Thu 28th Apr 2011 07:31

Hi Kieran Welcome to WOL, Good set at WOL Sale the other night. Keep rocking! Winston

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