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Fergus Evans is a shit-kickin', boy kissin' activist-in-training with too much second guessin' and not enough sweet lovin'. He is a founding member of No More Productions/ Twinhead Theatre, one of Atlanta's premiere live art collectives. Though he has spent much of the past year working on his MA in Gender, Sexuality and Culture at the University of Manchester, he has recently returned to writing and performing. Fergus is currently looking forward to participating in Lisa B and Dominic Berry's queer community writing/ performance workshops and starting a RAW residency at Contact in the new year.


They tell you (the sitcoms) a million They tell (movies) They tell you (comedians) a million times (your older brothers and sisters) They tell you a million times (and how funny it will be) some time when you are drunk you’ll wake up CUE: LAUGHTRACK and there will be someone in your bed and you’ll wonder how they got there and how to get them out and what (did I?) you did with them and why. What they don’t tell you is that sometimes (always) They don’t tell you (always) what they don’t tell you is that sometimes (always) you’ll be the other person in the bed. you’ll be the one who isn’t welcome (mistake) notice the look before it is smoothed away, stored away The shudder (you are a) notice. When he kissed me I thought Oh wow this is really Oh wow this really happen I thought Oh wow this is really happening firecrackers explode in the back of my brain at the taste of his tongue in my mouth and suddenly I am just a mouth consuming tasting his hands like currents and something melts inside. He couldn’t get hard He says it’s the all the booze He holds the little brown bottle under his nose He says He says it’s all the booze but I know (always) it’s the way the fat pools around my waist (you are a) the rotting teeth the tufts of hair on my back (always) my scalp shining through my (and) He barely looked at me when he woke up. He walked out Said it was nice meeting me (always)

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Tue 20th Nov 2007 20:04

Sweet an tender!

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