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Dominic Berry

Updated: Sat, 5 May 2018 11:36 am

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I am a Manchester based, gay, vegan, performance poet (possibly Manchester's BEST gay, vegan, performance poet..... possibly Manchester's ONLY gay, vegan, performance poet) I have been Glastonbury Festival Poet in Residence, and won Saboteur's award for Best Spoken Word Artist, New York's infamous Nuyorican Poetry Cafe slam and UK's Superheroes of Slam. I have several poetry books published by Flapjack Press. Acclaim for past work: “Really very inspiring. I love the seriousness and the humour.” - Benjamin Zephaniah “From the moment he started to speak we were totally captivated- the incredible way he uses words, the expression and energy of the delivery and the subject matter made him irresistible.” - City Life Magazine “Exuberant, lively, expressive and totally nuts, Dominic owns the stage.” - Writers Connect “Dominic is an exceptional force in the poetry and spoken word scene.” - John McGrath - Artistic Director, National Theatre Wales


Oh, Aubergine! Hint of mint. Tongue tips glint. We are... skint. Not broke! She fixes me. Woke me. We cook curries thick and runny. We’ve got riches better than money. Hint of mint. Moroccan tagine. Oh, l’amour! Oh, aubergine! Mixed in sauce of soya bean. Oh, l’amour! Oh, aubergine! Smokey nightshades darkly lean. Oh, l’amour! Oh, aubergine! Licking plates all shiny clean. Oh, l’amour! Oh, aubergine! Share this moment, share this meal, share the cost... i don’t share how I feel. Don’t talk too sweet, don’t recollect, though her eyes reflect when we first met. She was a one woman army, tough vegan machine. Oh, l’amour! Oh, aubergine! But then – she married. He doesn’t even cook! Yet our time he easily took. She is... hot veggie quiche. He... is cold flan. She’s full Sunday roast. He’s beans from the can! He’s king of the noodle! She’s strawberry cake queen. Oh, l’amour! Oh, aubergine! His celery’s wilted, She’s luscious and green! Oh, l’amour! Oh, aubergine! Don’t talk too sweet, don’t share how I feel, so occasionally we can still share a meal. Hint of mint. Tongue tips glimmer. Smile. Make a hearty dinner. But nothing else. Don’t act too keen. Oh, l’amour... Oh, aubergine... We’ve got this moment. It’s lush... Serene... Oh, l’amour... Oh, aubergine...

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.


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Dominic Berry

Sat 25th May 2013 08:51

Hi Richard. I think the next Neo:Live will be on Wednesday June 19th but I expect Scott Devon will put up an event at the start of next month. Cheers for asking :D

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Thu 23rd May 2013 16:53

Hi Dom the Bolton Neo sounds interesting maybe you can let me know the date in June when you find out

cheers :)

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Dominic Berry

Thu 23rd May 2013 11:24

Scott Devon and Neo Poetry-Matrix of Neoartists have made a friendly, caring, supportive and fun space for poets with the NEO:LIVE event in Bolton. I heartily recommend it. Nat and Paul Blackburn were excellent, well-organised hosts and will be guest poets at the next one in June. I'll be going to cheer them on.

Bolton is easier to get to from Manchester than Manchester folk might think, a few quid return on a train that takes just a few minutes.

It is dead hard setting up and running an event, it takes a bucket load of work (recalling Bang Said The Gun: Manchester and Freed Up) and I know the effort Scott and co have put into making this splendid event.

I was impressed by the variety and quality of the open mic. There was a lot of comedy that proper made me laugh but never did it get to the point where poets with quieter, subtler, more serious work were not able to make the space their own. The audience laughed and listened in equal measures and, speaking as someone who often feels music and spoken word do not work well at the same event, the balance of guitar and voice throughout the night was spot on. Who can resist a chorus of 'Common People'?

Nat is a stunning poet, I am dead jealous of his 'Half' poem and his songs are exceptional. Both he and Paul have great comic timing and were so generous and giving in their hosting - I'm really looking forward to seeing them guest.

Well done all involved. NEO:LIVE is a special event.

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Jack Pascoe

Sun 20th Nov 2011 21:00

Great stuff man, good rhyming. The content's great too.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 27th Apr 2011 20:25

Freedup is on the 19, May. I must have misheard last night. I am in; see you there. Thanks for the encouragement to be part of this gig.

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Dominic Berry

Fri 17th Dec 2010 13:43

hey folks, have printed a new poem up on me Write Out Loud blog- 'Hero'. be cool to see what folk think :)

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Thu 3rd Sep 2009 21:47

Sorry it took so long to reply... It's been a MAD couple of weeks! Thanks for your encouragement, I've got big plans for the next year so see you soon!x

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Paul Broadhurst

Thu 27th Aug 2009 19:20

Hi Dominic

Thanks for your kind words of encouragement, I 'm hoping to do a few more open mic nights this year but at present a bit restricted with hospital appointments due to my ticker.
Really enjoyed the 'Inside Out poetry night'
All the best to you and yours

Paul+Mary Broadhurst

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Tue 25th Aug 2009 14:51

Thankyou so much Dominic. I enjoyed your poems very much too and just red the one about purple. It's velvet for sure, even in different colours velvet is purple. I can't see in 3D you know, it's all like a big painting or film to me!
Yes, it was enjoyable. And I'll let you know what I'm doing, maybe will catch you more often this year? Cathy x

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winston plowes

Tue 16th Jun 2009 21:07

Love this one Dominic. Remember it at freed up.
Like the passage below. A grand rich mixture of things. Winston

I think Purple was my first kiss.
at least its memory.
Tasted like pumpkin seed,
black coffee,skin bitten off round the nail.
When toddlers see ghosts it is Purple.

Pete Crompton

Thu 23rd Apr 2009 03:00

"I am trying to remember
there’s a day that’s going to be,
when I won’t sit with silence sat
so clammy next to me.
I am trying to remember
there’s a day I'm going to find.
It’s beneath the swollen grin
of my slack window blind."

that's great. Reminds of Suede lyrics.

<Deleted User> (4207)

Wed 1st Apr 2009 15:48

aaahh, can sleep now, cheers dom!
i wasnt having the happiest of days at it happens, but your purple poem has cheered me right up. grrrrrr, its bloody delicious.
you are acecakes mister xxxx

<Deleted User> (4207)

Thu 19th Mar 2009 11:30

oh dominic,
i was hoping you'd have that aubergine-y one posted up here-
because what i reeeeeally want to know is....
whats been really bugging me is....
is it 'oh l'amore' or 'oh la mort' ???
i dont think i will sleep soundly until you tell me!
sally xx

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Dominic Berry

Mon 2nd Mar 2009 08:27

hello good morning good people :-) as early as it is, i'm beginning to push March's POETS AND MASH as this month's is gonna be fan-tas-tic, featuring guest slots from ANDY CRAVEN GRIFFITHS, PICO THE SPONGE, EMMA DECENT and AKIEL CHINELO. More updates will follow. Join us! :-P

Captain of the Rant

Sun 28th Dec 2008 18:13

Fantastic poems mate - really good to see someone writing from a queer movement perspective. Keep it up!

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Louise Fazackerley

Tue 5th Aug 2008 23:41

ah, wow. i like your work. i'm happy in your cooking story and ashamed of myself with your chicken poem. may have to come along to one of your events :-)

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Graham Eccles

Sat 2nd Aug 2008 08:01

What can i say, you make my words look lame, and my face look ugly. never thought i'd find a more handsome and talented man than myself.

keep up the goodness.

<Deleted User> (5984)

Thu 12th Jun 2008 10:21

Hey Dominic

I'm loving the poems. "Bhajis ensnare
like Medusa's hair" classic line Dom.


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Steve OConnor

Thu 1st May 2008 20:05

Dominic who?!

'Bout time you turned up here!

Can you imagine?... There's people here who have never attended FREED UP!

Just thinking about that sort of thing scares me.

My Favourite Meals - Well, you know what I think of this.


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