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Paul Broadhurst

Updated: Fri, 8 May 2020 11:20 am

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In 2006; I got the writing bug; after producing quite a collection of work I put it together in paperbacks and raised money for Charities/Organisations. Just enjoy a chuckle.


CO-VE-day Rainbow now remember; NHS lives are lost Remembered by a Poppy, battles fought at any cost Unseen this deadly virus, lockdown leaves us numb In war a visual enemy, we had to overcome Now home ground main area, adapt and fight the toil Folks they pulled together, at home and foreign soil Time we'll work this virus through, a vaccine we will find Things were tough; no end in sight, VE the peace was signed Baffled by Science Everyday we listen to Government briefing what to do As time goes on, more graphs appear Statistics, targets don't seem clear Told that we have hit the peak Yet cases up, shown week on week Testing now is on the up Are we just being sold a pup? Hear big supplies of PPE Nightingale; bed capacity Front line staff, tell another tail Supply chain slow and seems to fail Figures change, data input slow Can we believe, it's hard to know Folks in it together, paid into the raffle Government be up front, stop trying to baffle Beat the Virus The word Corona related to A man in a van bringing pop to you But now 2020, it has a new meaning Catch sneezes, coughs and lots of hand cleaning It's so anti-social and spoils all the fun But keeping a distance it has to be done Isolation at home when the Virus takes hold Stop spread the infection 14 days we are told We all pull together and don't over buy This way no shortage of any supply See off Corona, we'll keep it at bay Kind to each other, stay safe everyday No words We are going in reverse, words we seem to lose Describe a scene or colour, be aware of what you chose We now stagnate our use of words, frightened of what we say Writing it on paper, it's harder everyday Being too descriptive, can offend you may not know Political correctness, it's time to let it go So if we carry on that route, generalise not to offend Will our use of language, come to a bitter end? Man down Sometimes in life, just to get by You have to decide to tell a white lie How are you doing or are you well Look good on the outside, folks can't really tell Making decisions in life everyday Don't hurt people's feelings is the best way But sometimes us blokes are a bit down We bottle things up so not seen as a clown We have to be Macho, strong, do not cry When sometimes we should let a tear fill our eye Talk and be truthful, say how you feel You're not on your own, open up and you heal So no bottling up those feelings inside No lesser a bloke, open up do not hide Peterloo August 1819 To Peter's field; we made our way Demonstration was needed, about rights and pay Banners of Liberty, Fraternity; 'Unity and strenght' Marching for miles went to enormous length Rich got rich and the poorer more poor People work for a bare minimum; keep the wolf from the door Chained by wage slavery "no more" people shout A peaceful assembly Henry Hunt he spoke out Stood there in numbers for the cause they were proud Men, women, and children, sixty thousand the crowd Infantry, Artillery, and Cavalry there Yeomanry charged; dispersed the crowd with no care Hacking their way and trampling at will Hunt, Johnson, Saxon, taken in by the Bill At two it was over, carnage left at the scene Wounded and bloodied, no mercy had been Massacre of British workers, this done for no reason Hunt, Johnson, and Saxon; were charged with high Treason Incarcerated for speaking as the trial fell apart Then bonds for good behaviour, no more talk from the heart But the people had spoken; Peterloo sacrifice For liberty and justice; those who gave of their life Car Parks Cars are getting bigger,spaces very small Cramming all together, car parks become a brawl Sometimes when you get to your car, there's no way in the door In the bay next door to you, is parked a four by four Passenger door can just slide in, then you have a climb Over console and gear stick, this can take sometime Foot gets stuck or caught on knob, trousers take a tier All this grief because some folk, really they don't care But then there's a time other car users, you could really shoot So closely park beside you, your entry through the boot Car park designers stop making small bays; our need to open the door Us folk are sick, of your minimal space, Minis aren't mini no more

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Julian (Admin)

Mon 10th Dec 2012 11:30

excellent reportage from the Broadhurst family Christmas Paul. Good hear from you and to have seen you at the poetry jam. Keep up the good work!

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Dominic Berry

Tue 25th Aug 2009 10:21

excellent work at Inside Out man. I was thoroughly entertained throughout. I can't believe you say you don't read often yet you had such a relaxed and easy vibe on stage- very charismatic and hugely enjoyable. Please let me know when your reading round Manchester way next, your stuff is brilliant and it was a joy to watch you perform. well done fella


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