Numb Too

Certain situations you become numb too

Just certain things ain’t what it use too

My language is disguise it what it said too

Even though my heart is against you

Left for dead made for two

Living life not youth too

Forgiving past that aren’t truthful

Giving life to people who use you

Is this what it’s about?

I can’t give a concern

Yearning for idealism in realism

Not wanting to accept the realism

If I could change the world I’d promise I’d do it

But a can of margarita is making me numb too it

Excuses too make lose ends

Too not even try a bit

Accepting fate as it is

Even though the world runs it

I keep on living life another day

Knowing that everywhere is devils play

Finding angels in the corners of day

This is only what I can do too survive this pain

An Xbox 360 a console I only can tame

◄ Leave Me Alone


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