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Wave bottom floor ground

Feet to move loud

Around with sound

Noise in its its in it

If bound found trial

Maybe my force can clue

A sence in you

Feel me smell see

Fell fall nothing fog free

Up three

Down vision clear can glad

Had steping steel

Few tip that

Follow smell

Fella navegate to further

Walks of

Of while hearts in the

Same look.

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What You Find In Peace

In to the power in to the sea till now

Now I see what happens in sight is alied seen

Expands in open space and diamond sink

Have a drink and dont feel me

See me dont think

As the peace sinks in

Air hint.

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My Mind To Yours

Question and questions

Never responded prayer

Hands together in a prayer left

 And lefted go on

And step down

To leave feathers swepted

Cloths cloth nice dress life

Less and rest

My mind with punch and step up to cloud seen sean jean jean sean

Gone lay true.

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They Can't Know What I Talk To Dogs

Half cuff like smurf puff

and clown pup puppy.

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The Ending with out Ending

Hoe me I'm not santa

Pure is God

Alot and Alot

The man and the women

The boy the girl

Bow not Z

Trade boy thank you

To God

God is mercifull

God is liberation

Lord has power for and to change

I am human I hoe


It is him in us

We us use un. 

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No Duty of Doubt

Maybe as yes

You can't think it

Does not mean which

Some in you doesn't exist.

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The Ripple Effect

Count sound can be found

Spaced out space around

Time is timeless to be acknowledge

Deduction increase velocity


Mass more so unwound

I have found wind

and everyone is winded

but by metrics it can

Be measured and scaled and figured as scaled graphed

Your mind cant grasped. 

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The Art of Warcraft in and on Warcrafted

Ropes to Rope

Cars and truck

tank in out troops

Aircraft submarines

lose close open

no game only sea

Ocean fly flags

on the open sea

ripple to the fluid guns

enjoy the open war crafted.

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My Life

Virgin I wish

Her soul to please

Married I hope to see

Dumb she must have to see.

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My Stride

Proud and Glorious

Plans with Holyness.

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Roses Are Red

Roses are Red

Violets are blue

Mauroon is two

Yellow is true.

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The Sky Is Blue

Level fresh raised up

Cloud movement amazed me

In a place were all blue skys

In town so many people around

But no one looks up to the

Blue blue skys above.

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Only me

Maria pride

My name at the

Same time my brain

And heart at your

Registry might strength

No clever thought nor pump

Of heavenly beer

Tait and never tolded

my life.

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At The Height

Path Asperrated unmindid aero

Hero August today

More they yond yond in and at

The brought bring bringing at and in the

Voice and I was and am surprized beauty beautiful beauty

Beauty she her a while long happened pass ocured small time

A one At once appoint initiat for run

Bam bam run alot.


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