the dance

Once upon a time
Before you knew 
How to speak 
You climbed upon
And though I was
Sitting down 
You tugged at
My shoulders
And we both knew 
What you meant
And so slowly 
I stood
And the music 
It played 
And maybe it was that 
Which drove everything
Or maybe everything else 
Was what drove 
The music 
But whatever is whatever 
And you wanted me
To dance 
And I did 
In my heavy footed 
Jerky steps 
And you clung 
On tight
And I sang 
Into your ears
And your breathing 
And maybe you slept 
Or maybe 
It was my dream
But we danced 
And for a moment
That was the moment 
And though you'll never 
And one day
I'll forget
That was the thing 
And as you dance 
Through your life 
One day 
It may come back to you
Or not 
But to hold 
A life in my hands 
So near and so far
Is a taste of that thing 
We think 
Exists only

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◄ Dreams may not


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Hazel ettridge

Mon 20th Mar 2017 21:35

What a delight. She feels part human and part landscape.

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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 19th Mar 2017 23:10

Tiny moments, in which life has true purpose and meaning.

Lovely words,


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