I have that tape still

 Enough said  
  and drunk,
  we danced
  and waited for
 holding posters
  of dead rock stars
  we climbed
  my bare stairs
  some more wine  
  and the best sounds on tape,
  the bulbs were painted redor blue
  no chairs
  white walls

my flat


more drink
and Tom Waits.
pushing each other gently
we laughed
and peered out of  
cataract windows.
you stood closer
we were still strangers... just.

Liverpool was wet and outside. 

you held your spliff
in that way that
invites comment.

we choked at its strength,
and laughed.
we kissed   
it was sudden,
I do not know
where it came from,
we kissed again, slowly


that kiss,
I venture, 
I return to it,  
I think you sighed, 
god I think you sighed!

I have that tape still...


Words and foto Tommy Carroll


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Martin Elder

Thu 22nd Sep 2022 21:13

I love the line cataract windows. A fabulous poem with some great lines.
Love it

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Tommy Carroll

Fri 9th Sep 2022 23:08

Thanks Tom & Keith your generousity of spirit is most welcome.

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Thu 8th Sep 2022 18:18

Hi Tommy, I love this piece. Just the right amount of detail to trigger our own memories while evoking your scene. Brilliant! Tom.

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keith jeffries

Thu 8th Sep 2022 13:04

you took me there and into the scene which also incorporated memories from my past. A delicious poem, which might sound strange, but it was so real.
Thank you for this

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