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The Seeds of our Minds

All thoughts start off as seeds 
Then in the mind are sown
And slowly they will germinate
Then we'll all see what has grown.

We may look with fascination,
After the thoughts are introduced,
And with great amazement,
See what has been produced.

But be careful what you plant,
And see that it is nurtured.
And hope it will swell into fruit,
Then you may receive an orchard.

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Rooms of the Mind

Our states of mind are like different rooms.
Some of wonder. Some of gloom.
We go out of one and in another.
Each one is different to the other.

We know not what we'll find inside.
And we might wish to try and hide.
Some rooms be dark. Some rooms be light.
Some be with joy and some with fright.

Each one may contain certain rules.
With different objects and different tools.
With chall...

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Our personalities do keep us sane,

And from day to day should be the same

-The same way to think and behave,

Whether you be a king or a slave.


When we go to sleep and after wake,

We should be the same between that break.

To have the same attitude and qualities,

Our role in this world and how to perceive.


The same things that we love and hate.

Each day leading t...

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