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I will be your moon

Let me move to a new place,
Where none knows my name,
And I know they will  start judging,
As Everyone is just the same.
But till then ,
Let me find a new love, 
New memories to let go my pain,
You can take my hand,
And please ask me to dance in the rain.
I know our love would break,
Just like all other affairs I had,
Some would say I had no brains, 
And I am the reason you are sad,

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Blank eyes,
Gazing skies,
Saw your skin,
Full of lies,
Touched your hands,
Saw Wrinkled lines,
No family,
Few Broken ties,
Casual traveler,
Finding life,
Two strangers ,
Such A cold night,
Sipping wine,
Dim sunshine,
A girl I met,
By riverside,
Beauty as if,
Shining moonlight,
Felt like I know her,
From some other life,
I think she was Running away ,
Just Like me,
Drinking aw...

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Into the Woods

entry picture

We were lame and we were young,

Walking in the woods,

While singing our song,

Never in my dreams, felt anything wrong,

Thought you were always coming along,

Do not remember where exactly I lost you,

My eyes searched for you in heavy fog,

I continued my journey amidst the rocks,

Shivered through-out the night,

Darkness was blocking my sight,

Always thought that you wer...

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I do not get it

entry picture

I do not get it when they say,

We will not make it one day,

I do not get it, when they laugh,

On us and on our scars


I do not get it when they do not believe us,

How crazily can this world suck?

I cannot express the pain in words,

Let’s run because we seem cursed


Let’s run away from the chains of pain,

Let’s run away where we can dance in rain,

Let’s run as ...

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