Salisbury Scratch and Sniff


Better not!
Mother, there's a Spy in me Pie.
There we were minding our own business and a former undisclosed agent and his daughter walk in.
I've just this minute finished incinerating my clothes.
Honest to God, there is no peace to be had.
Come summer the kids will be swopping footy cards with pictures of Russian Ultras.
Bored by Brexit, they needed a distraction and boy did they get o...

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The Hobo from Hoboken

The Hobo from Hoboken

How many homeless sleeping under the stars?
How many drunks cursing the bars?
Got people going way back in Cambria Wisconsin and then Oshcosh, then last heard of in Fessenden, North Dakota.
That's a hell of a name ain't it, Sarasota?
One of my favourite books 
' The Autobiography of a Supertramp'
William H Davies of Newport riding the box cars and losing his leg, sel...

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HoboHobokenWH DaviesSupertrampHomage

Black Betty by Huddie Ledbetter read by David Williams in the style of Sir John Betjeman

A little fun and whimsical nonsense! Anybody remember Peter Sellers reading 'Balham Gateway to the South?'

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The moth with hob nailed boots



Every night about half past ten

there's tapping ont window

It's the moth with hob nailed boots

trying to find a weak spot before 

he parascends 

through shattered glass.

Nowt will keep this tiger away from lamp

He's kitted out with mess tin and webbing

he's all camouflage and clobber

obvious to the untrained eye

that he's been on manoeuvres behind enemy line...

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