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i think I’m falling for you


thats probably what it is 

i can’t seem to get you off my mind

something about you

is consuming so much of my time 

and its becoming harder, 

the thought of leaving you behind.

life can be so crazy man 

once upon a time

you could never enter my world 

i was young and oblivious 

living in innocence

the bliss was magnificent 

now its just ignorance ‘

all just perspective i guess

if I’m not careful, time will keep passing me by 

my only hope is I’m not living in a lie 

and the older i get, i realize it gets harder with time 

that being said 

now i have you all over my mind 

i love you 

so it hurts when i think of saying goodbye 

but I’m not in love 

so i keep questioning why 

something is telling me to keep you at bay

i struggle.


to keep you away


you always end up right back in the way

i guess time will tell


it ends up well

somewhere along the mist

the truth it lies

its blurry

but i see it manifesting 

a scenario

ill just continue to deny

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