Christmas time

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Ah Christmas time,  Don't you feel a glow as all of mankind comes together as one?


Well maybe not...  But on 20th December 2007, I will hopefully be spreading what little cheer I have, whilst I read poems from my Christmas Collection, 'Mistletoe and Root Beer', and sing my Christmas songs, to the patients of, Temple Street Children Hospital, Dublin.  I did the same thing last year and it was a wonderful experience.


Poems will include the one below and others in the same vein...  also my christmas songs can be listened too at the following site:


Worrying Christmas Lyrics


Something bothered Jenny.

Her mother asked, “what’s wrong?”

Jenny replied, “I’m worried,

Due to the words of a Christmas song.”

Her Mum she was surprised and asked,

“Which one is making you frown?”

Jenny then said, “It’s the one

About Santa Claus coming to town.

Well in the song it mentions a list

And it claims he checks it twice,

Well I am sorry but I do not believe

That two times will suffice.

I check my homework at least four times

Before I’m Certain of it

And that’s not as important as Santa’s list,

Which has to be right, every bit.

Every Child in the world’s on it and

There are billions as far as I’m aware,

I would like to think Santa, over the list,

Took appropriate care.

The song then tells all the children

To be good for goodness sake.

Well if you’re good you could be left out

Due to a silly Clerical mistake.”

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Kevin Connolly

Thu 20th Dec 2007 21:50

Too true. Santa should take more care with his list. I know he's not infallible, as he once gave me a DVD recorder instead of the MP3 player I asked for.
Exellent poem, Paul.

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Paul F Blackburn

Tue 11th Dec 2007 12:56

Don't Worry Paul, I'm sure Santa won't get your present wrong! :)

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