It dawns under my skin

Today is in an outcast dream

that I strongly seek in this twist of fate

of orphaned humanity


It dawns beneath my skin and I look in the mirror,

the same one in which I frequently see myself;

it always returns me to the terrible place

where my dreams were mutilated


Restless, without answers,

I would like to invent words that embrace life;

I cannot stand the look...

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sad poems

Without Excuses

Life frozen

Asperities immobile

Wounds deplete everything

Lives fall and are lost, sliding over the mud

The graves of the fallen mourn

Dialoguing between shadows of hatred and resentment, twilight stops

Without excuses, I am placed between the eyelids of an empty city

Groaning distress

Not premature conclusions; it is real

Everything stops


Noris Roberts ©

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sad poems

The saddest lines...

I can write a sad poem tonight

I can write a hundred mourning verses

and hand them over in the palm of your hand


My words grow uncontrollably raw,

your lost vows accompany this sleepy wakefulness


Night is saddened

Shyly listen to my raining phrases,

I'm not blaming the why of your silence;

I fought, but have no way to address

the vacuumed feeling through my ski...

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sad poems


Why have you abandoned me, if I didn’t ask you to?

It is you who impels my pulses that grow and flourish warmly, brightly,

filling me with peace,

letting me fly to unimagined places


Why are you so quiet

if deep down you know that I have your lineage

and the lyrics in my heart


You who hold my hands

showering my words with rapture

I cannot help but to adore you


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sad poems

A Cry in the Silence



My day is languishing...

The clean lace of  joy flew out with daylight


My hours saturated with sadness,

your cruel love was that mix of betrayal 

that played with the best of my dreams


I never, never felt so much pain...

and every day your indifference crumbles me


The love you gave me one day,

they were shadows, they were fantasies


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sad poems

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