How much I loved you

Perhaps from a distance

my love is not strange to you;

this passion may be a punishment

and not even have the fortune to see you again


I look for you in my fingerprints

in indelible memories;

I discover that everything was a mistake

of bitter remembrances and misunderstandings


This long wait is a punishment that chokes me to death;

wishing to have you with me


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Remember me!

In silence I recall the encounter,

passion written in letters I still keep

and in a desolate corner of some dream

I embrace the loneliness I had to accept


Remember me in the depths of your thoughts, 

treasuring that moment

that without laid out rules,

I wrote my verses

of you next to me


In the nights most of all,

with joy and melancholy,

I am reminded of ...

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Like a raging gale, 

sunset burns me up when memories  

cast me into the subconscious of pleasure


Fire embraces me, 

the sky of your kisses flash on my lips;

chained by the smell of your breath

and it is not possible to caress you with my hands


Tie me to your heartbeat, 

to sin, until I am hypnotized by passion


Alas, grant me at least the dry leaves of you...

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What is it that makes me love you?

What it is that makes me love you,
in this inexplicable connection,
that while you sleep I would abduct your heart?

What it is that makes me love you?

Without offering anything, only these nights of memories,
you to enter into my body silently,
reincarnated in the monologue of my dreams

I would die for a kiss from you, if necessary...
a kiss on the tenuous thread of dawn,
there clos...

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I felt like a woman

I blossomed like delighted rain among your waters

soaked in delirium between the sheets


Hours passed...

sleeplessness rose…

the sweetest kiss traveled through the warm skin of my body

you laid upon me the whole universe

I was the fruit of your passion


The delight, the glory; an arsenal within you, inside me

afterwards calmness,

calm after being in your hands...


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Only 10%

I’ve had only 10% of your passion and it was perfect


Those hands…, they held me arousing the encounter,

they snatched me out of myself to get within you


It was perfect, succulent;

a table for a bed, seasoning without reasoning,

overflowing the cumulated fieriness in my body


Only 10% was enough to reach the sky...

I was pliable metal between your fingers 



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