False sense of security

I hate that I saw the good in you that I couldn’t bring out in you.  

I hate the person I was with you because you destroyed my non negotiable 

I hate that we would have figured it out if it was anything else to get through 

I hate that you touched me the only way I’ve wanted to be touched, to be known, to be felt! 

I hate that you pulled the wool over my eyes, my friends eyes, my families eyes, and I feel like such a fool. You even do it to your own family!!!

How did you get Carly’s phone number anyway? When did you get another girls number anyway? Such lies lies lies, deceit, deceit, deceit! 

I hate that I wasted so much time secretly loving you! Because clearly I meant nothing to you! 


That’s the hardest pill to swallow - you won!!

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Nicole Macqueen-Jones

Fri 9th Jun 2023 17:43

Thank you, reaffirming message to read 😊

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Bethany Sallis

Wed 7th Jun 2023 21:00

Nicole go and look in that metaphorical sea there are plenty more fish to be caught I promise you!

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