Quick Affairs

You read so well on the screen, 

And sound amazing to the ears.

But when it comes to putting in motion, the non existence ignites my fears.


Do I ask for too much?

Do I accept too little?

Am I self sabotaging and should grant you an acquittal? 


I thought we were going somewhere,

But was it downhill? 

What started as fun,

Is now a clash of Virgo & Aries Will 


You say you’re new to a girlfriend,

You don’t talk about things in a relationship.

I communicate wants & needs instead of keeping you guessing, 

But I come off as a nagging witch 


Is it all too hard?

Do we give up or try harder?

You say it’s the alcohol,

I say insecurities make us a fighter. 


You won’t miss me too much

You don ’t mind waking in a different bed 

And if a little black nighty can’t make you want me,

Then I guess I don’t really have much girlfriend cred.....



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