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keith jeffries on See (Sat, 3 Aug 2019 10:50 am)

Because of you

Because Of You:

Once there was darkness an empty abyss, no light could filter through, the world was seen through a haze of tunnels, and there was nothing I could do. Then a spark was lit that ignited into a fire, emotions flooded back to me, with all my deepest desires, and finally I could see. The warmth of the sun the twinkle of the stars, the world was now my sea, a vast expanse of hope and...

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In this world that we see,

It may not all be real,

The illusions and gimmicks,

Are all part of the spiel.


Repetition is normalised,

It’s the nine to five grind,

But thats just a way,

To keep the rest of us all blind.


We are stuck in a world,

That doesn’t want us to see,

The injustice and the cruelty,

That has been manipulated for humanity.


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