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Douglas MacGowan on NO MORE SILENCE (Thu, 25 Jan 2018 08:30 pm)


As i seen her 

the sun seen to shine brighter 

its her i couldn’t believe it 

i thought about it twice

as someone was pulling my string 

she’s someone i don’t wanna lose 

she’s the apple i didn’t want to drop from the tree 

when I’m with her my heart beats 100x faster 

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when the sun disapper 
my courage would too
sewng my lips tight together 
told be slience or ELSE
tears fell as rain made the grass grow
i buried myself like a dog hiding its bone 
years passed, before i knew it i couldnt dig myself out 
a tree grew, where it thought to never grow
raising up, sun in my eye leaving me blind
a new set of eyes brought to me 
reborn like the second coming of...

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