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For Hope

For Hope

[August, this is the fourth or fifth poem.  I wrote this in 2008 and edited it today/reworked it.]

I want kisses that mean something
hugs that tickle the inside skin 
I want dreams that come real the next day
memories that last and never fade.
I want songs written about me

be told that I can be, and be free.

I want late-night secrets and warm, 

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For When the Wind Sighs + Audio

Everywhere I see you
                              feel you
this wine glass, your lips
the spittle-sip, your kiss. 

I can hear you breathing
when the wind sighs. 

When I turn off the lights
you are here, beside me
with your arms around my waist.
I cannot sleep.

Hands lingered on these bannisters
across pillows;
                    in the dawn
there splayed an ...

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For Dicks

For Dicks

There are so many people with their dicks out on the net

I don’t want to watch a man wank off on Chatroulette

or see you sell your wares on interweb gaylairs, cock out

arse up, backwards lean, angles gleam’d to make you look

good.  No, thanks, I will not ‘post my cock pix pls’.


At least in a way there’s dignity in porn you see

for some might say at...

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