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The Secret Writers Club


1pm til 3pm.  Less than 5 min away from Wigan train station, we're doing a Drop-In at Mocha Coffee Shop, Wallgate, Wigan.


Everyone welcome.  Bring a poem or any other sort of writing and sit round with a nice brew and a cake and discuss your work with other writers. 

Check out the gig guide!

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His love for me is like the sea, As deep as it is wide

Seaswept by him

Stormed by blue eyes

Sucked in


I'm debris in his whirlpool

I'm driftwood on his tide

I'm held in squalling waters

I'm anchored by his sighs


Soaked to the skin

I'm pulled under

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Potry Brew- Haiku


I was disappointed to miss the Poetry Brew.  Here are the haiku's I wrote for the occasion.  And although haiku traditionally address nature- mine are on human nature. 


oh office affair

leaving pregnant wife at home

poor her, lucky you


can't have must have ex

goodbye-sex a mountain peak

valley follows this


raining after work

borrow a nice umbrella

harried leave on train

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A Walk in the Park


This park is bare to my eyes.

Dirty, grey slide. Absent.

It is without a rackety, clackety roundabout

And with no metal frame to climb-

This park is dangle-free.

I blame government under funding

And probably Health and Safety.


But you don’t care.

It’s a beautiful, frosticle day.

Muffled and duffled, you trip along,

Reindeer nose juxtaposed

With green winter coat,

Bronze curls th...

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New Arrival


Like a knotted handkerchief,

Like a pit-bull pup.

My new baby, my new baby.

Blue skin, fat folds, bunched up.

My new baby, my new baby.

Like a slasher flick,

Like a trip gone wrong.

My new baby, my new baby.

Punch drunk, white walls,

Fucked up, so small.

My new baby, my new baby.


I’m interrupted, out of step.

My hips don’t swing when I walk anymore.

My new baby mewls, I tut, I s...

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