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The ransom

We tremble at the thought that our loved one is missed
Being kidnapped at beach while on restful retreat
Grabbed with a stronger hand, and taped as a canned meat
Tossed in the back of van with limbs flailing in twist

Delivered as a note is a messy blackmail
Of a million dollars, as a classless insult
The pain and the torture of missing the result
An ear chopped off, latest of this sad tal...

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Welcoming back the roots of my biggest challenge
Dividing the conquest into these subsections
As I aim for a split that has gentle actions
Resolving this with bite however unsavage

Unraveling tickets for a plane ride to hell
Trembling from speeches of the gathering crowd
Demanding that justice be served on heads of loud
As I seek to fix up the cracked Liberty Bell

Marching to the rhyth...

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The cruise

At twenty-three years old, going on a week's cruise
Sharing a buddy's room to save hard-earned money
Enjoying the action on the decks so sunny!
Observing all the girls and the bikini views

Going out one hot night to enjoy the booze bar
Pretty skimpy ladies waiting for a partner
To pay them compliments, be swept by a charmer
Having the sight on one, for the sexual star

Leading her to washro...

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Wanting something good

Why do we celebrate these violent criminals?
To observe tendencies and to talk to their friends
About their past memories of moments without lens
To know their weird habits, their ammo and chemicals

They should be buried deep, forgotten as lost souls
Their innocent victims should be immortalize
As a gift to our world, cut short by sermonize
Of a devil's worship that was cutting out holes


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As this woman struggles to do the easiest task
She can only follow the lead that was given
The seconds past so slow, that pulsates her driven
Sitting in this black room with a half-empty flask

Depressed and crying, she swears on the Bible
That God is so unfair in lingering moment
Rocking away her pain, there is no enjoyment
Releasing her fierce beast into worthless tribal

What caused t...

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Mighty Dream

Grinning from side to side as he descends the stairs
After hearing the bell at the front entranceway
With a warm, soft embrace, welcoming her for play
As the other woman, is waiting for the shares

Taking her by her hand, and leading her to room
And the partner gets up, to welcome her with hug
While we start to undress with a whole mighty tug
With lips on pressing lips while we are all dep...

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The nerve-racking wet ride down a frigid river
Exploring native land and deep dark lush forests
The mosquitoes biting and paddling with sore wrists
To find this opening, relaxing in cover

Pitching the rigid tent, collecting firewood
Starting the red-hot flames to dry the wet clothing
Gathering a small meal to the stomach's loathing
Appearing are the stars, to the parka's dark hood


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A lamppost brightens street where you're walking in daze
A night out of drinking and staggering to home
Is the only thinking in your senseless bald dome
Sputtering to the ground, now bloodied and in haze

As you wake up from nap in a bed of roses
At your neighbour's garden, prickly vegetation
That damaged your ego with a thirst's reaction
So off to the sprinkler to stretched yoga poses


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Her amazing outfit of curvaceous appeal
Her buxom busting out as delicate lilacs
Pinkish skin for the view around tasty tic-tacs
Leading to exposed glares, silently sifting squeal

Getting glancing growers to express interests
And making dreaming thoughts of pounding her silly
While seeing real ginger spread around their philly
And to liberate free, one of her hardened breasts

Yet she is at...

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Remembering the past, how did we not cross paths?
I saw your face briefly, maybe some quick hellos
Did we ever discuss about the paid jellos
Or partake in shared work in english or in maths

If we would have been close, I would have fantasized
About being with you, and your inner presence
And to caress your back in innocence pleasance
While holding your soft hands with kisses in disguised


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Porn Star

The flurry of action that surrounds the movie
As it's being produced, by the vision of blush
As the pale actresses blossom out of pure lush
Into the bright spotlight of cameras groovy

Spreading themselves in bed for the naked close-up
As the angle tilts up to a huge erection
From this studly presence to small waisted section
Readying the wet holes for this scenes follow-up

One of the y...

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The rock

Finding a precious gift to bring back for lover
Going along the shores on this white sandy beach
During low and high tides for his long, silent speech
A thoughtful loving sign for feelings uncover

This rock molded as heart to signify her love
Beginning adventures with her handsome poet
Easing into couple, little gestures show it
Seeing a blooming rose or a flying white dove

Adorable kisses...

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The news

She repeats her movements to attack the armed base
Stroking the precious keys to fire artillery
Penetrate the thick walls of this vile trickery
Of the realm of cheaters, stealing her golden grace

Pushing through the limits of an endless contest
To captivate her mind for mindless distraction
As she navigates wars with online retraction
Getting the number one, proving to be the best


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Life is a mystery with time to discover
Every small action there's a counter-action
Not a singular drop is of unique fraction
Spending time for the mind will help to deliver

Searching for a great quest while solving big puzzles
Every piece in place, not forcing the issue
To create masterpiece between the soft tissue
And bringing to life without any troubles

The young adventurer will find a...

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Making her do striptease in front of my buddies
Showing off all her curves even her wet pussy
To tremendous applause and now action messy
As each will take a turn for erection studies

Hearing her orgasms from the other bedroom
As I recline and stroke to the thunderous moans
One by one, grunting hard, releasing fluid bones
Into the wide cavern of her pleasuring tomb

I wake up of nightma...

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The daggers in the heart that made me bleed my soul
Spreading mighty virus upon the gathered crowd
Turning smiles into frowns with emerging black cloud
That will dump rain on them and fill polluted hole

Basking in the water as the flood is spilling
The acid building up to nauseating thrills
As the sickness blossoms to the slumping cheap frills
Brandishing the liquids of drunken distilling


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Veteran's Day

What you see from your eyes is a strong blonde sniper
But you know she struggles with insecurities
Her tight gorgeous body shows her obscurities
A woman with past pain, sometimes a bit hyper

She is sorely missing a key ingredient
From past indiscretions from her trusted loved ones
A fabric of poor health that burnt her house of nuns
No longer innocent, her force expedient

The future will b...

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Right one

Getting back what you put, the ying and yang of life
Be kind and loving smile to everyone you see
And you'll find that someone in the infinite sea
That will bring you great joy, as the sounds of the fife

When you gift some sweet words to amazing beauty
Getting a wet reward to fulfill prophecy
That life is wonderful and enjoy constancy
Living it the right way with delicious duty

Forcing oth...

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Be Friends

Being friends with an ex, can it really happen?
After cuddling to sleep and making love all night
Spending days together and talking till twilight
Making plans for future, sharing hot passion

Is the ex more involved as the mother of kids
With a shared custody, always in discussion
To raise them with values and offer a mission
Sharing a schedule, dividing the square grids

Was the ending bit...

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Living Another Underwater Rescue Adventure

She gets anxiety about the little things
Her loving, caring heart that always counts to give
But she doesn't agree with the way I will live
For chances to greet her, hugging with the feelings

She is friend or lover, there is always a line
An attachment of list souls from deep sharing of thoughts
From lunch time blasting comps to near vacation spots
She knows my inner hurts and how to tingle...

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Vacation - Last Day

Waking up for the day, knowing this is the last
In this warm paradise, before heading to North
So soaking up the rays, once more for back and forth
Of reddening our cheeks for the jealousy blast

Making sure not to waste a minute without sun
On the sunrise we go, to the drop of sunset
Grabbing our holy drinks in coconut asset
While sizzling the bodies for the trip to cold spun

Playing b...

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Vacation - The day trip

Travelling for day trip to a secluded cave
Through the lush jungle and around blooming trees
To a beautiful place with a warming light breeze
That has a clear blue pond without a single wave

Taking off the cover, bikini exposure
With the sun shining bright, jumping from waterfalls
Getting invitation to hear the cave's cat calls
All in this paradise with gorgeous composure

Lounging on t...

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Mr Fantismo in Director's Chair

As Mister Fantismo puts his plan to direct
This blockbuster movie full of stunted action
That will have car chases and plenty of motion
A serious adventure of fun, wilderness trek

The superstars line up to be cast as hero
Overseeing process to pick the real winners
Those that can act as fools over throwing dinners
As life as this movie, smile wide as the zero

As the filming gears up to sho...

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Mr Fantismo at Sea

As Mister Fantismo seeks out the peaceful times
He decides on row boat across the vast ocean
To live solitary and with rhythmic motion
With whales, dolphins, and sharks- each offering their rhymes

The waves crash all around and crush tiny pieces
He abandons his ship and swims to an island
Where he dries himself off and finds fruitful highland
With mangoes and apples, aroma releases


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Vacation - walk on the beach

Taking a sunset walk on this warm sandy beach
With lover by the side, and holding her closely
Our tiptoes in water, and giggling loud mostly
As innocent again through relaxation teach

Reaching a quiet spot, sitting on a small rock
Talking about future, together forever
Seeing the waves crash in and the stars endeavour
Lighting up the sky bright, circling the moon's boardwalk

Hearing bi...

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Game of Life

It's a magical game of burglars and bad cops
Where you never know truth from the sins of evil
That could gather some weight as carrying anvil
When you can't lift you up and your body just flops

Passing the polygraph by avoiding the lines
That you need to avoid as there is no escape
Putting the right pressure on the measurable shape
And searching for parking without any huge fines

Who is re...

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New Life

Supporting each other through these unruly times
Comforting my lover as the stress sees the top
And hugging to kissing for the hissing to stop
As the balance of greed changes to our own rhymes

The branches might fall off yet the roots remain strong
Digging deep down the earth for stubborn direction
Planting the seeds of change while embracing action
Of absolute sheer joy of an orgasmic dong


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Vacation - Night Out

After relaxing day, deciding to go dance
Dressing in flowing dress, and wearing a dress shirt
The couple go to bar and become extrovert
Taking the music's cue and on the floor to prance

In this tropical place, they exchange dirty looks
Making sure to chat up all other visitors
Exchanging the dances of exciting offers
She with she as anew, drunken fun with blurred hooks

Staggering to th...

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Vacation - Lounging

We are lounging in chairs, with a drink in one hand
Sipping away the warmth of the beaming sunshine
Into a relaxed state of reclining design
Looking at the ocean, the voyage that is grand

There are kids out playing on this white sandy beach
Building big tall castles with trenches of seashells
And grabbing a long stick to cast these mighty spells
Changing the crawling crabs into monsters w...

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Vacation - Pool side

Lounging by the warm pool on this tropical place
Side by side we're sipping our barmaids icy drinks
As we roast in the sun, we're turning shades of pinks
Applying the sunscreen to our beautiful face

We dip our gentle toes into the blue water
To refresh our bodies after sweating in sun
Splashing around with ball to volleyball game fun
With the relaxation of the mindless matter

Grabbing ...

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Vacation - Airplane ride

Flying off to the beach during these winter days
To grab vitamin D and to feel much relaxed
We take the midnight plane with our excitement taxed
That soon we'll arrive hot, basking in the sun rays

Taking our red-eye seats, and getting a blanket
We snuggle up closely as we're in summer clothes
My hand reaching on thigh as goosebumps are exposed
Stroking little higher for a wetness banquet


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Finding Your Partner

The engagement dinner happened one evening
With a large group of friends tossed in with family
To the delight of crowd with the palms clammily
Extending the thank yous for the photo screening

The excited coupling reach out for some advice
And they start discussing with an older couple
Listening with deft ears of immersion double
And the compromising between madness and nice

They laugh and ...

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