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I watched her eyes

I watched her eyes

©Leora Rosner


I watched her eyes dance and jitter As her eyelids slowly closed Moving toward an unknown dream Brought on by trees stampeding As they trespassed every open window Their broad leafed invitation Conjuring wings with which to fly Past abbreviated horizons Leaving littered shattered glass Returning to sand Forming beaches Ec...

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The Brindy Weeze

The Brindy Weeze was tripping 

along the cobbled beard

and all the kindled brats

stood ‘midst the thing they feared


‘twas in the clearing brightly black

brats trundled up the leafy vault

then basking in their troubled hearts

they bawled as one,”it’s not our fault!”


A starling winged sky  

stood tall and deeply boughed

And then the Brindy Weeze

wailed at t...

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It was ninety eight past midnight

on a shining moonless night

as I walked with flaming fagots

‘mongst the clouded dunes so bright

astride a beetled rhino

in equestrian delight

a band  of jammied pixies

sat and laughed with all their might


back a ways a distance

a herd of horn billed bats

thundered masticating

the thrills of gin filled rats

then sunken in de...

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There’s a heat wave running wild

There’s a heatwave running wild


Theres a heat wave

Running wild

Oblivious of the borders 

Run by the corporate money hoarders


There’s a heatwave running wild

As the stealthy arms of 

a monetary system 

Poisoned with greed 

Consumes everything in its path


There’s a heatwave running wild

while the blind insatiable pockets of we want more

And insurmo...

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Climateenvironmentcorruptionforestsfossil fuels climate crisis

The Smatterbog

The smatterbog was tepid

Its fluesence slowly heaving

With every gentle billowing 

Of the lively tensile surface 

a fragrant wind was passed

making stealthy breezes

titillate leaves of dew

That shed their droplet treasures 

into the mouths of steaming crocs

as iridescent dragonflies danced 

amongst the reeds 

along the bogsome banks.

‘Twas then the spotted hoary...

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Jungle Breath

Jungle Breath



she just woke up with jungle breath

lianas swaying left and right

screeching yellow monkeys

had been swinging through her night


the tigers eye and serpents glare

snuck past teeth and tongue

leaving there a fragrance

that quite resembled dung


crocs lay in waiting

in lakes of rippled spittle

and down along the waterfall

the lips d...

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Riding with the Ghymly

Astride the tri-humped Ghymly

I rode the Widgeon Flat

and tumbled down its windswept hill

to fan the sweating Billawat


the drying droplets crystal clear

hit the sands of dime and dust

exhuming humid threads of steel

weaving roads of silken rust   


and so I travelled sight unseen

the Ghymlys’ tread was mute

and by the shores of Kodlawudg

I saw the rolling ...

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