No Longer Lost

Lost in a world that was never mine. Dedicated to those who were to busy taking stabs at my back and heart. Now looking at it from the outside.  I realize it was me who allowed all of this. That life, person, and blame claimer. You have not thought I wasn't listening or watching, but I was. No longer a lost boy. I found the person I had buried so deep to please others.  No I'm back to the bear that I was. No love lost, regrets, or sorrow. There was a time I loved being a beast and now this beastly goddesses of a bear will never be lost again. I love when it is required but those who left, walked away, or chose the path they felt I was not worthy of being apart of. I forgive, soon I'll forget. From up above he gave me strength that was passed through generation that will be only me that lives in goodbye to all of you. You can't break something that was broken and I don't fixing or saving. You took what I gave and used it against me, shame on me. For now I will fly like the butterfly I can be and fight like the bear I am.

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