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The Urge to Run

Even as my feet hit the ground 

Even as the movement takes me away

The thoughts still linger in my head - Is it true? Is there something I missed?

There’s always the turning and twisting as my mind rearranges words in my head, trying to find some link I missed

There isn’t but there are some small tinges of doubt

Those can be dealt with, those can be cured 

Not like the unknown, n...

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KrabUrge to Run

No Promises

It’s much easier to say no promises unless it’s to yourself

When someone makes you promise it’s hard, sure, and even scary

Not knowing if you can do it or what it will be

But when you see their face as it twists and lowers, compressed and moulded, you never want to miss a promise again

But to yourself, no guilt to yourself,

Till it’s too late, and the promise is broken.

It was br...

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We want to feel right

It’s pointless, it’s wrong, it’s not the business of anyone but me

It’s just something you do, well not something “you” do 

Just a few seconds lost in the mind saying things out loud like I’m known to

Something about the focus, the frustration it boils into, that even though I’m not angry at all

Not provoked, not right, not even believing what I think 

But the feeling of the focus, ...

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I don’t walk much, no matter how much I dream I could

Whether it be at night or when awake, I dream I could walk and I can but I won’t

I only notice how little steps I make when I see the world has moved, the trees are dead and the grass is cold but I haven’t moved an inch

But everyone else can make leaps.

I never will, what do they do I dont?

Why do I have to be the one who knows h...

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