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The Cottage II

Where are we now

Back to square one

Thrown to the beginning

Or have we moved on?


As the season changes

The cycle does reap

An autumnal harvest

That tastes just as sweet


There’s no place like home

Unearthed and unearthly

insecurity and fear still roam

Driven, dark and dirty


Trying to live the dream

Fucking, fighting and broken


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lovelove poemlove poetryIreland

Wedding Day

Stood alone
grounded by grey rock
papoosed tight in your arms
an altar before the Atlantic
commanding, tumulus ocean
serves as our priest


Two shells
brought from sandy shelter
where we consummated our love
gives us two rings to keep
fraught, fragile commitment
regardless of reality


You whisper
echoed by breaking wave
“Just you and me against the world...

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Irelandlovelove poemlove poetry



Paralysed, struck flat on my back
Irish sea sprays up a malady
leaches through impervious skin
And drifts my reliant apathy


Slow boat rocks, judders beneath
Bearing to shadowed grey land
Clouds reach down tentatively
Brushing the back of my hand


Far away, two children mourn
Loss of a mother who slips
Away with waves to another love
Another time, where...

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lovelove poemlove poetryIreland

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