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Time Helps

I have never doubted my fathers love for me


I have always doubted my own love for him

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Moments I Want Back

"Lets take the scenic route home"
On any trip it would take double the minutes
We would stop and read the pointless histroy
Or solemly look out the window, day-dreaming
I once despised taking detours around, adding time
senseless moments that bear no sweets to the future
After time away, who wouldnt want to be in the familar?
We've had our fun, now its time to rest
Let me play my video gam...

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Help Me Fall Out of Love.

Does she give someone else that same look?
I know she does, those eyes are not just for me.

Does she tell someone else her worries?
i know she does, im not here only confidant.

Am i the only one who dreams of us?
I know im not, she doesnt even think of me.

Am i the only one who will write to her?
I know im not, others give her a better font. 

How cruel of a mindset to be given, 

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