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All issues aren’t life and death

Though life and death are full of issues

Everything matters

We make priorities based on fear 

We lie to protect secrets because

We don’t know how to be us

Without secrets 

Compromises make cowards of us

Meanwhile that human race in a hand basket

Metaphor gets closer to hell everyday

We’re not running out of time

Time is run...

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In Praise of Fallen Stars

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In Praise of Fallen Stars

Who knows anymore when seeds

Were planted or how they got

Nurtured with such care for so long

Roots of kindred spirits reach deeply

Tangling underground thirsty 



Before pushing buds through warm wet earth

To explode into blossoms that

Smile at sun

Flirt with light

Their beauty attracts suitors

Who infatuate over mature...

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Teeny Tiny Heart

Teeny Tiny Heart

by  J. Otis Powell

How it happened is at lease two different stories

Maybe more if rumor takes hold and multiplies

Narratives like the telephone game we played

In school and at conferences

Who was there to inhale the changing air

To witness what two people alone knew

However every soul that gets a testimony

Develops new narratives when they leak a tale


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Double Dark

Double Dark  


The ugliest thing I’ve seen was removed from my body

It was multi-layered different shades of brown and wet gray

It was a flesh-serving platter stacked high with dead tissue

I’m escaping skin again after eight years of recovering from

The last reincarnation of my ever-evolving soul and

Body has no choice but to come along and suffer in pain

Snakes do it in g...

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Until Rapture Melancholy

Inside we struggle for relief

And lose our minds trying

To accept this as our permanent


We think we know how we

Arrived here with all our stuff

But sometimes we’re not sure which

Narrative is true

About how we crossed over

The threshold into a new home

We brought everything we love

With us and we are adapting

To a world we didn’t dream was possibl...

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Brass Rings

"Wait to start the music

Draw pictures on the

Wall instead"

I requested

You made your images multidimensional and

Colorful like the worlds outside

Your mind

Sometimes we insist we know something and

Lock ourselves inside for security

Something that isolates us

Tricks us into cartoon land or worse 

Still we waited for a visitor the music and time...

Pack up your ...

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