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I am, you are not

Something thatś called compassion

Learn to love again

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Old wounds have begun to heal.

This new life feels unreal. 

The shadow hanging above my soul.

I was once trapped within a role.

The wounded one full of anger

Dragging his worthless anchor.

Behold look into the mirror.

Now gaze upon your own error.

You thought you couldn't stumble

But it's the season to be humble.

No time for embracing illusion.

The former has reach...

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Joy of Aging

It’s time to wake up

I go snap, crackle and pop.

The joy of aging.

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Others create self-serving expectations

That they thrust upon you with no hesitation.

Always remember you have two choices,

To heed or ignore the many voices.

Most define themselves by what others say,

Resigned to play the games people play.

Sooner or later they will awaken,

Realizing that they’ve been mistaken.

Then a rebirth for all to see.

Some will rejoice, some will...

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I see the opening of your mind's eye, 

glittering like a starry sky. 

Asking yourself, how high? 

The iron will that says, I try. 

Go my darling, you'll fly. 

Full of joy, I cry. 

The apple of your father's  eye.

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You cannot walk the journey for another man.

You cannot gift him with the perfect plan.

We all stand in the universe of our own creation.

A product of our limited expectation.

Many lust for the mantle of wisdom,

Only to create self-serving fiefdoms.


An old story stuck on reset.

What you give, is what you'll beget.

An old story stuck on reset.

What you give, is what ...

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