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Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful

Friday,18th Feb 2022





If life is love

believe in it

if life is a race

bravely face it

if life is a place to enjoy

ride over with a joy

if life is a hurdle

offer full struggle and handle it

if life is disappointing

harbor it with no ill feelings

if life has a fragrance of a flower

smell it and offe...

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Comes in chain

Comes in chain

Monday,22nd Nov 2021






it always remains

when losing gain

and retaining its pulse


comes in chain

comfortably invades

and keeps you sad

never retain

but contain

its onslaught

without being caught

Dr Hasmukh Mehta

D.Litt, Folt

World poet laureate

© Hasmukh A. M...

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Miles ahead

Miles ahead

Friday,8th Oct 2021


No words to utter

but eyes only to stare

miles ahead but to go nowhere

smile inside but stuffed with fear

no sadness, no tears but the joy later


life turns barren

as no task is given

no thought is driven

no rudder, no direction

simple brotherhood and pure relation


destiny is near or stays far

the goal is definit...

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Two words

Two words

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

4:30 PM


Give them a free hand

allow them happy end

let them send a rainbow of their colour

and finally, find them a place with an honour


give them power

to shower

the drops of their choice

you will find a future with promises


poets have not only an inspiration

but care for human relation

they want to share the con...

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With the mass

With the mass

Monday,3rd May 2021


What really happens?

when rulers turn!

autocrat and cruel

nothing goes well with the masses


bury that system

and expel them

if needed any revolution

for the improvement in relation


how can you perpetuate?

how can you dilute their basic rights

and deny them the basic amenities

and push them to miseries?



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Destructive side

Destructive side

Monday,19th April 2021


who will answer?

the questions fewer

it is a reflection of our mind

we need to think over and find


human beings always ask excuses

and refuses to accept reality

they become ignorant

and give reply instant


even they cause concern

and inflict mental pain

and still remain

defiant and train the mind



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