holding on

Broken sensations flood the brain,

attempting analysis would be in vain,

a relentless emotional maelstrom,

wreaking havoc in the mind’s kingdom.


The weather has settled,

a calm both before and after a storm,

stuck in a time loop,

ashen nimbi gather around with scorn.


A shattered refraction pierces the veil,

unveiling islands in various shades of gray,

paths to them in comparison pale,

drowning in viscous darkness blocking the way.


Stand your ground brave castle,

this is an eternal test of mettle,

walls covered in sticky black,

hiding any that might crack.


Onyx tendrils reaching for the core,

beat them all back and get a lot more,

endless assault on the inner fortress,

bound in the hands of a cruel mistress.


◄ depression

flow of corruption ►


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