You are alone

You are alone

Tuesday,3rd March 2020


Think that you are alone

and bygones are bygones

still something more is to be done

you shall stand blown


everybody shall desert

and make you revert

your opinion against

and hope for the best


it is natural

for all the individuals

to depend on self

and treasure kept in shelf


you shall be forced to res...

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Tuesday,3rd March 2020


The world moves on

the direction is shown

the dreams are blown apart

but we always have good start


entire world depends upon

people make union

their approach is sure and stubborn

they remain boldly driven


it is like chain

and this position is maintained

for all the time to come

change is always welcome


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Symbolyze- the existence

Symbolize- The existence

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

5:31 AM


 There is no end to quest

so send in the best and

beautiful wishes

and it must reach too


your look forward

with resolute words

make no mistakes

there is no retake


once with darkness

bring in no sadness

but make the face

ready to trace goodness


life doesn't stop anywhere

so ke...

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