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In jealousy a person turns blind to light,

Ignoring blessings in their reach and sight,

Their eyes fixed on what others possess,

Their hearts consumed by envy, a distress.


The jealous mind descends into the dark,

Losing balance, reason, torn apart,

Unable to fathom why others gain,

What they desire, causing inner pain.


Goodness twisted into shadows deep,

Peace of mind burned in envy's fiery sweep,

Restless nights, consumed by thoughts unkind,

Plotting to steal what others find.


Jealousy breeds greed, a hungry beast,

Claiming only they're worthy of a feast,

Unable to see God's equal grace,

In jealousy, they find no peace, no place.


The green-eyed devil lurks within,

Inflating egos, blinding from sin,

Thinking themselves above the rest,

Ignorant that envy fails the test.


Allah's blessings, vast and fair,

Beyond our grasp, beyond compare,

No need for envy, no need to steal,

For all are equal under His gentle seal.


Look not with envy upon another's lot,

For in humility, blessings are sought,

Learn from Ibless, the fallen one,

Lost in envy, his ruin begun.


Humble and grateful, let us be,

For in Allah's eyes, all are free,

No one greater, no one small,

United as one, beloved all.


Explanation of the above poem


This poem explores the negative consequences of jealousy and how it affects an individual's perception of themselves and others. It starts by pointing out that a jealous person becomes blind to their own blessings and fixates on what others have. This fixation leads to insanity and loss of balance, as they are unable to reason logically or find peace.


The poem goes on to describe jealousy as a greedy and selfish emotion, making the person believe they are the only ones deserving of good things. This only serves to fuel their envy and make them unable to sleep. They become consumed with finding ways to steal others' blessings, further illustrating the destructive nature of jealousy.


The poet also compares jealousy to a green-eyed devil, residing in one's heart and mind, always vying for greatness. They argue that if everyone were to logically consider the blessings they have received, they would see that Allah has treated everyone fairly. However, the weights of these blessings cannot be understood by humans, and so there is no point in trying to compare ourselves to others.


The poet then uses the story of Iblis, the fallen jinn, to emphasize the consequences of jealousy. Iblis became jealous of Adam alaihisalaam and his status as Allah's favorite creation, leading him to disobey and ultimately lose his place in Kingdom of Allah subhanahutala. The poet encourages readers to be humble and grateful for their blessings, as no one is greater than anyone else in the eyes of Allah.


In conclusion, the poem warns against the destructive power of jealousy and urges people to cultivate gratitude and humility instead. It reminds us that Allah treats everyone fairly and that we should focus on our own blessings rather than coveting what others have.


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Ghazala lari

Mon 17th Jun 2024 07:14

Jealousy is a hidden enemy residing in the corner of every human being, if not tamed and controlled, jealousy destroys us.

Thanks M.C.Newberry.🌷

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 16th Jun 2024 15:41

Jealousy is primarily the province of the young who want.

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