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If It Started This Christmas

As the year moves ever closer to it’s end,
I wish to call out to each and every friend,
to say I wish them all peace and goodwill,
with plenty to eat & even some wine to spill.

The greatest gift I could wish to see for us all,
would be peace and love forever, so that we’d recall,
it started one Christmas and was then always adored,
I believe if we share goodwill we never would be bored.


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Worlds Apart (v3)

The real world is different for those born within strife,

if they are lucky they may grow to become husband or wife,

but for many, boy soldiers is what they were forced to become,

only eleven years old, yet their burden is to be carrying a gun.


How many live long enough to know that there are other ways,

within another country they wouldn't have been made military slaves.


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Common Needs


I'm not afraid to stand and shout "I care,
for my friends and neighbours - everywhere",
as I know we are all truly one great family,
with one common mother astride our genealogy.
Why should we fight and waste so much life,
our common needs are best served without strife
don't poison all this world with toxins that kill
from weapons that make our troubles ...

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