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Space Cowboy 16 Vacant Equation

She was not the ordinary girl
She was a firefly lighting my way
I'm just a space cowboy that drifted upon this lighthouse
These peculiar times has been heavy on the soul
For I'm just the captain of this lighthouse now
Selling on a dark ocean lit by the hope to see her again
Only loneliness is promised on the ship
One day I will hopefully leave it and see the world from her light


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Ghost Monument

A doctor that's what we needed
Someone that give us hope there's none
For she is everywhere but nowhere at once
Breathtaking but always giving it back
An acquired taste of love
For her and her beautiful ghost monument
Will always be there when someone truly needs saving
It's brilliant in more ways than one


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Words of The Waiting Man 27

I've been compliant to their commands
Just to end up with more of the same
Stop trying understand me it's going to hurt you
I spent morning, coughing out blood chasing after her
Just to find out that I'm killing her

What's the point I'm running out of time
Saying it just brings a smirk to my face
I've been planning it since I was 16
Let's look at the big picture my friend
I haven't lied...

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Unorthodox behavior

Unorthodox that's in a word to explain it
How was I supposed to know
It happened all so fast
I've grown up since then
Not into the person that anyone wanted me to be

I'm not normal and I'm not politically correct
Have I learned from the mistakes that I've made
Does hope get anything more than a betrayal of reality
Is it a poem it's more of a quotable thought that's in my head
Always blo...

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Deja Vu

If you don't like me then I get it
Feeling numb is better than feeling like this

I'm the definition of failure
What's the definition of success in your mind
I'll try to reach it if I can 
If I reach out to far I'll fall
Everyday I have this hopeless feeling of  deja vu
Force a smile on my face crack a joke
While I'm dying inside
It's a romantic memory I wish I could get rid of

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Children of The Tree

The Melancholy rain reflects 
The youth that was stolen from you
My dear love memories are louder than sound
so hold your eyes open because darkness is everywhere
Your time is the only thing you should fear
It's unstoppable and always ticking away
I think in the inside every adult has a heart of a child
The mind wants to fall back on the purity of being a child
Reality is far too cruel to ...

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I'm Only Happy When I Sleep

Have you ever put a gun to your head?
Just to countdown for the bullets not to go through
It got lodged into the gun
I had a moment of bliss yesterday
Now the depression is back
I hate these deadly chemicals that can kill
Drowning my brain they are

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Two Spoons Bitter Truth

I wish I could go back to that night in June
It's going on 10 years since you passed away
We were only 14 and so in love
We lost our innocence that night on your parents couch
I miss you but it's okay cause I don't cry anymore
I just sit in solitude and think about how things could have been

I found a girl that I love just as much as you
She took everything but my innocence
So now I'm em...

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That's it the feeling of missing her
It's an overwhelming pain
That will never heal itself  
For the vial company of misery 
Has a brutal hold on reality that's all consuming
This is not heaven or hell this is purgatory
Where waiting forever in silence
Is only equal to beckoning of the sea 
For I'm of a lighthouse and the light is always on for her


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Most of the time I don't want to wake up
I don't see a positive thing about breathing
I guess I've just become the definition of a pessimist
So go ahead tell me all the things I should be happy about
I used to have a goddamn reason to be alive
Now I'm losing my mind and wasting everyone's time
I used to be the kindness kid but now I'm just dead inside
This melancholy fever has hit an all-ti...

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I'm content With This

When the pain is unbearable I think about how
I told her I'd walk through hell for her
That's exactly what I've been doing
I know the strings of my heart are getting weak
I'm content with waiting forever and always
If it kills me while she can never say that I didn't love her



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Words of The Waiting Man 26

I feel all alone
Like this hell never ends
As far as I can remember
It's always been like this
I know it's grown a lot
Every time that it gets to the point 
Where I can't handle it
Usually someone stops me from taking that step
I don't see anyone around this time
This is suffering in solitude
No one seems to understand it
I've only met two people I've ever truly loved
One of them died ...

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Just Another Terrible Day In The Government Shutdown

What if we riot
Then time couldn't lay here forever
A moment of silence
Was only heard from the victims
We're only accessible to a spineless leader

A World leaders is what he calls himself
In the people's eyes he's nothing but a traitor
Barely a man for the awful things he's done
He only cared about his rich friends and the wall

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I'm Scaring Myself Again

This is a vivid reminder is my family
To bury the box under the weeping willow
There's no more time to lose
The excuses are building up on my shoulders
Breaking under the pressure

God I just want to die
Seems like I'm fading from existence
I'm still alive I feel the heavy heart beating
I feel like holding her hand would be a reality
Too good for my sinful ways

Three years of nothing ...

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Cafe of Blues Coffee Bean Love

I'm tired and all I can do is think about her
I'm in the cast of falling apart again and she'll never know
What's the point of it anymore
She's so beautiful imperfection and I'm ugly
If I could explain everything 
Before she left this house
Maybe things would have been different
I can't waste my time in the past
I got to prove to her that I'm the right option
So I wait here in this Cafe o...

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A Tub of Ice Cream And A Lifetime of Tears

I'll stay emotionally drained 
Telling everyone I'm getting over you
Everyone knows I'm not

My bedroom walls don't make good company
Things may be different now
But the behavior is all the same
I'll quench the thirst with gasoline
Make the bridge out of cement this time

Leaving knots in our stomachs
So we don't sleep in weeks
Because we see each other in our dreams
This is a hell I ...

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The Iron Giant

It was chiseled, chiseled and broken
With long shattered glass protruding out from it
He didn't have the time to find out if it could be fixed
So he finish smashing it into millions of pieces
He was only fifteen when this happened

Like all stories he found a new one
But with it he found a girl 
He was lost in space when he looked at her
He was floating on butterflies 
How do you approac...

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Hold Hands (Firefly Poem)

May I hold your hand please
May we hold hands while we sleep
Like we used to back when we were young and dumb
I'll be here if you need someone to cry on

I bought you a pack of Marlboro blacks 
I know that it's your favorites
Little lady you're the most precious thing I've ever met
You made me feel like I could face the world
I was not afraid of death when you had my hand

The hardest p...

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Technically Off The Beaded Path

I'm just an depressed individual
Who can't find his place in this world
They all told me this was a phase I just wish it was
It's a melancholy switchblade 
I can feel it cutting through the skin
I'm walking to with a metaphorical gun to my head
All the time crashing into itself
I told myself I would always love you
I'd give up my soul just to hold you for tonight
There's no way in hell th...

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