We Tried

We tried to right what was wrong.

But we couldn't hold on long.

We tried to fight for what was right.

But we failed under the enemies' might.

Pain and suffering, despair and greed.

That was their creed.

Freedom and safety, love and honor.

That was our banner.

Try as we might,

They won't give us our rights.

Exiled from our homes,

With the cold deep in our bones,

Who knew that we would ever lose our thrones?

We gave up our lives to give our children a future,

To keep them from becoming troopers

For the ruler who only knew how to butcher.

We became fewer

As we ran from our pursuers.

We tried to right our wrongs,

But as the battle rages on,

We'll all soon be gone.

Our stories forgotten, our tales untold,

Who knows what the future holds?



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Emer Ni Chorra

Thu 8th Sep 2016 18:37

Great poem. Nobody knows what the future holds💗

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