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Updated: Wed, 27 May 2015 02:36 pm

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Just wanted to find out whether I can write or not.


Wannabe Poet wannabe, came to see if I can be one of you or not Problem Solving You know that there's a problem, You're staring at it; Yet ask, "what is the problem?" Lost Longing to be found Out there, somewhere Someone might find The way out here Growth A seed that’s sown on the ground Will slowly break down To take the form of a tree.

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Becky Who

Mon 27th Aug 2018 14:35

Hi, thanks for the like and and comment of "When I get mad I write poetry".

I am lost

Sun 24th May 2015 22:22

Raypool, thanks.

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Sun 24th May 2015 20:37

Though you call yourself "I am lost," you have nothing to lose by expressing any personal thoughts, and that is a great thing in itself. Treat your mind like a blank canvas and dot some I's and cross T's and you will surely find a format that suits you, and I'm sure people will accept that as a unique effort. Nobody can have all the answers, but I think inspiration is very close to desperation and there may be a clue there somewhere!
Happy writing!!

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David Cooke

Wed 1st Apr 2015 17:50

Dear IAL Thanks for kind comment on 'The Ice House'.

I am lost

Sat 28th Mar 2015 12:59

Thank you so much Preeti!

Preeti Sinha

Sat 28th Mar 2015 04:34

thank you for reading and your lovely comment ! I have read your work. You have a way with words :) I am happy you are self-critical; it keeps you sharp, edgy and hungry

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