It is a stalk 

amidst the very many,

that sways a friendly 

greeting toward you.


This stalk, however,

is different.


It is a single stalk.

It stands and sways 

as the others do.



this stalk is different.


The stalk I speak of

I assure you, is not a legend.

I implore you to find it.

For if you do,

a bountiful meal is provided

every night of the year,



This stalk plays no tricks 

for those who seek it.

It makes no attempt to hide.



if you listen very closely,

you can hear it calling to you.


If you befriend this stalk,

you mustn’t let it go.


You must cherish it,

for it will keep you full,

and you will let it.


It is a stalk 

amidst the very many.


This stalk, however,

is different.


If you find it,

please do let me know.


I seem to keep losing mine.


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